Confessions of a Seedaholic

Confessions of a seedaholic


It’s almost January and I can’t help myself. I am in the midst of planning our local Seedy Saturday and had to drag my stash of seeds out of the garage. It gives me something to do while renovations continue in the house. Is it just me or does every crazy seedaholic acquire as much seed as I do? I collect my seed whenever I can. It saves me money. I have all sorts of people give me seed regularly. It’s like they decide after buying the seed that they won’t grow it. I think growing from seed takes too much time for some people but they have good intentions. If only they knew how much fun it is to see tiny greens poking their way through the soil surface. Of course, I am blessed to have a large greenhouse. Its 8’x20′ and I can fill it in no time.

Confessions of a seedaholic

My seeds are all stored in this huge box. Okay there is one more bin but I am not going there. So many seeds! Today I went through them to find some perennial seeds I want to start. I am hoping to get people interested in growing herbs and flowers this year. I taught lots of vegetable garden classes and noticed that the new gardeners started asking about flowers. That’s a good sign. To inspire the next generation of gardeners to grow more than just food, that’s my mission this year. It takes flowers to bring in the pollinating insects and we all want them in our gardens.

Confessions of a seedaholic

You are probably thinking I am a bit early to be planting seeds. Yes, I am but I am just getting organized. Its time to plan what you are growing for the spring and summer garden. I found seeds for Rudbeckia, Echinacea, Poppies, Pansies and so  much more. Some of the seeds are old so they may not grow but I have to try. Some of the perennial herbs such as thyme and sage can be started next month. I use heat mats in the greenhouse to keep my new seeds toasty warm. The poppies should have been direct sown in the fall but I can still plant them once the ground is thawed. I will most likely start some poppy seeds in the greenhouse.

Confessions of a seedaholic

I have seeds from this poppy and can’t wait to grow some more plants. Are you planning your garden yet? I need to plan ahead so I have enough plants for this huge garden and some to give away at classes.

Confessions of a seedaholic

Its fun to look back at last years photos. Above is how the greenhouse looked last March. I love being in there and hope to grow some new plants this year. Just looking at this reminds me I need some new pots and labels this year. I am now banned from washing pots in the laundry room sink. Turns out the drain is running a tad slower than it used to. Oops! Maybe I can get an outside sink this year. You never know.

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Seedaholic

  1. I had to smile at your box of seeds. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon. My little tote has all of my seeds, nestled in little glass jars. I’ve already jumped the growing season here in northern Canada and planted some miniature tomato plants indoors, hoping for the best….

    Take care and happy blogging to ya…

      1. I wish you all the best with the miniature peppers, and would love to hear how those work out for you.. Plus, are you trying to grow them during the winter, or waiting until spring? Take care and ty for the return comment…

  2. I’ve already created a page on my blog with all my seeds on it. :o) I start my first seeds under lights tomorrow and will start my winter sowing this weekend. Once gardeners start to feel confident growing from seed, it becomes addictive. I don’t have a greenhouse but there are lots of other ways to sneak in grow lights to help our seed babies along. :o) I love how many seeds you have!

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