My 3 Most Popular Posts of All Time

I want to take this moment to thank all of my readers. I love that people from all over the world comment on my blog and I read every comment. It’s so much fun to share our gardens virtually and I strive to become a better gardener by reading about your gardens. The month of November has been busy around here. We hired contractors to rip out our 25-year-old bathrooms and our walk in closet. You know you need to do a renovation when the shower leaks through the kitchen, yes, that happened. They are rooms we knew we couldn’t do ourselves. Well, seriously we could but it would take us forever. We kind of like having a shower. Luckily we have one bathroom still working. Its next in line.

Christmas Love

Our renovations started on November 3 and they are well underway. So where have I been? I have been writing my 50,000 words for national novel-writing month of November. I know, like I didn’t have enough going on. I had to be around while the crew was working so I moved my office to the dining room where its a bit quieter. I finished my 50,000 words today a week early and will be letting the first draft of my book sit for six weeks as I try to get some semblance of holiday decor out. I can’t believe Christmas is just a month away.

So since I have a brain that feels like mush after all that writing I am going to share my top posts of all time with you. It’s interesting to see what interests readers of my blog. I have tried a couple of different writing styles but the one where I can just be myself seems to work. I write because I love to and not because its my job. If I can teach just one more person about gardening I will be satisfied.

What is the White Stuff in my Soil?

Yesterday I received an email from the Peace Corps requesting use of one of my photos. I was happy to oblige as it will be using for educating troops on food security. It was a photo of mycelium. I know, whats that? Read my post on “What is the white¬† stiff stuff in my soil?” I was working in my community garden bed one day and noticed the tiny threads of hyphae in the soil. Gosh, this is kind of geeky soil talk so stay with me. Over the next few weeks I had other gardeners asking about the white stuff in their soil. Everyone kept thinking they had this bad mold issue happening. I was glad to be around to give them advice. This post has been my top post of all time. Now, I have only been blogging since January of 2010 so I think of myself as a writer in progress still.

How to create a Halloween themed miniature garden

My second top post is Creating a Halloween Themed Miniature Garden. I had so much fun creating it and I hope you enjoy the read. I am a natural-born thrifter.¬†Well my Mom has me well-trained. It’s all her fault. I am all over the idea of reusing and repurposing in the garden. When I saw the cute Halloween figurines at the thrift shop for 50 cents, how could I resist? I had the perfect home for them.

How to keep your brassicas pest free

My third top post of all time is titled “How to Keep Your Brassicas Pest Free”. Now you have to understand. I have this dislike for that cabbage moth that daintily flutters about like its her garden. What is she thinking? I got tired of losing my Brassica crops to her larvae and had to figure out a way to slow her down. It’s not perfect but using a floating row cover certainly helps until your plants are gigantic. Then she carefully sneaks in the only gap the plants have popped open during their growth. The cabbage moth and I will always be at war. Hubby even bought me a butterfly net as a joke knowing I may just use it. I haven’t but it’s tucked away for my grandson to use next summer. The idea of setting little one year old legs after cabbage moths make this Grandma happy.

To my American friends, may you have the best Thanksgiving ever. I am almost tempted to have a second Thanksgiving. What a great way to start the upcoming holiday season. I am off to decorate for the holidays but will be back with winter flowers and decor.

Happy gardening,






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  1. What varied posts – they must have appealed to different people for different reasons. It is always fascinating to see the reaction to different types of post. I was told that ‘how to…’ posts attract most interest on gardening web sites, but I must admit my blog has more posts on ‘how not to …’!!

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