September Beauties in the Garden

September is here and I am still on the wagon as to whether I am ready for fall to arrive. You see, I love spring and summer. I dread the grey days that are to come here in the lower mainland of BC. I see the changes in the garden each day, a yellow leaf here and there, the rose hips forming on the shrub roses, the red leaves of my Sour Gum tree appearing and the dew and dampness all around. Spiders are everywhere with whole flowers being encased by webs. They know time is of the essence and so do I. Its time to start cleaning up the garden and I want to rebel. Unfortunately when you have a large garden it has to be done once things start to lag. This week I will be making a list of what to bring in the greenhouse. I will bring in the geraniums that my daughter gave me. I will try to extend the life of some of my tender plants such as basil. It’s also time for any houseplants to come inside before there is too much difference in the temperatures. But before I start to clean up the garden I need to recognize the true September beauties of my garden.

September beauties in the garden

I know I have shown Rudbeckia before but its been in bloom since July and it’s still going strong.  Its a great plant to attract beneficial insects to the garden. Bees love to land on flat shaped daisy like flowers and rest a while.

September Garden beauty

Hardy Fuchsias are strutting their stuff this month. I have this one planted in total shade at the north end of my house and its loaded with blooms.

september garden beauties

The Kirengeshoma plamata or yellow wax bell is in full bloom in my shade garden. It loves a moist shade spot in the garden. This plant is a member of the hydrangea family. Its large palmate leaves are  striking next to that of variegated Hostas in the garden.

September garden beauties

If you look closely this plant has dark purple stems. It grows to about four feet high in my garden and doesn’t require staking. Kirengeshoma will completely die back to the ground once frost comes but enjoy it until then.

September garden beauties

I have moved most of my Crocosmia to a more shall I say ‘wild area’ of the garden as it spreads rapidly. With this plant you can never get every corm out of the ground and I am glad I didn’t. I caught a hummingbird enjoying the blooms of this plant so perhaps the one tiny piece will have to stay by my kitchen garden.

empress wu hosta

I am anxious to get my garden ready for spring. I am revamping my front shade garden and adding some new plants. Fall is a good time to get new perennials and shrubs in the ground but do it soon as you want the roots to get established before frost arrives in early November.  I have planted five new Hostas and one Tricyrtis or Toad lily in my front garden. For me its all about foliage in the shade garden. The flowers are a bonus. I desperately don’t want to see the end of the garden season. Its like saying goodbye to old friends as each flower fades back into the earth. I am thankful that they never go away forever and will return when the sun warms the soil in spring. Enjoy the next couple of months as the season changes. Its time for reading and planning all the new things you want to do next year in the garden.


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