Pumpkin Surprise at the School Garden

pumpkin surprise at the school garden

Its been a busy day as I try to get the children’s school garden in ship-shape before the children arrive next week. The weeds had grown and I couldn’t have thistles in the garden. I am glad the cleanup is now done and we are ready for forty children to arrive. They will be so excited to see the pumpkin patch. Mildew has taken its toll on the leaves but the children won’t care. They will race to see the pumpkins at every chance they get. How big will they be? Are they ready to pick? Will we use them for Halloween? I will be bombarded with questions next week.

pumpkin surprise at the school garden

Some surprising things happened with the pumpkins this year. If you look at the top photo the plants are actually planted in the raised bed with the scarecrow but the vines have travelled. This is one large plant! What really surprised me is that when I went to lift one of the vines in the second bed, it had rooted to the soil. Many plants will root like this but I didn’t expect it to happen with pumpkins.

pumpkin surprise at the school garden

This rooting has almost given the plants a new life as they develop new fruit. It’s now the end of September so this pumpkin may never develop but with good weather forecasted, you never know.

pumpkin surprise at the school garden

So far we only have five pumpkins on the plants. When I planted the Howden¬†pumpkin seeds I researched more about them and it said they would be your usual grocery store pumpkin. Well, let’s just say they are a lot bigger than that. I am not sure if I will be able to lift them without hubby’s help. You see, we will be taking the pumpkins to the school and using them to make pumpkin soup. There is nothing better than learning how to grow and eat from the garden.

Pumpkin surprise at the school garden

I think at our first class, we will do some measuring, learn about circumference. My small food scale won’t work on this big guy. I may have to use a bathroom scale. I am sure I will have eager children wanting to help lift this pumpkin, don’t you?

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