Morado del Rincon de Ademuz- A Tomato Worth Growing

Each year I grow different kinds of tomatoes from seed. Over time I am finding that I am becoming one picky tomato tester. Trust me, not all tomatoes are that great. Of course, we all have our personal preferences and most people will choose a cherry tomato for its ease of harvest and high productivity. I was given a challenge this summer. I was given some tomato seeds from a seed bank that were very low and need to be grown out. Growing for a seed bank means that I am saving seeds from my crop of ¬†tomatoes and drying them and mailing them back to the seed bank. Last year was a great year with over 1000 seeds saved. You see I still get to eat the tomatoes, I just have to scoop the seeds out first. It’s a win, win situation.

Morado del rincon de ademuz

This year I have been testing out Morado del Rincon de Ademuz, a spanish tomato which has supposedly outstanding flavour. Above is the first tomato of its type off the vine. I have no idea why the first tomatoes look so odd but sometimes heirloom tomatoes have funky shapes. The problem with this tomato is that it has a very characteristic scar on its underside which has made it undesirable for the commercial market.

Morado del rincon de ademuz, a tomato worth growing

This is how it looks underneath but when I cut it open this didn’t affect the way I used it. I just cut around the scar.

morado del rincon de ademuz

This is one large tomato and it wasn’t easy growing it. I have some outside that have not ripened yet so I was glad to have a few in the greenhouse as well. I love the size of these tomatoes.

Heirloom tomatoes

Today I harvested a few more tomatoes from the greenhouse. Along with the Strawberry Orange there is Peace Vine and Snow White and the Morado del Rincon de Ademuz at the top.

Morado del rincon de ademuz

It’s another good-sized tomato and its a much nicer shape.

morado del rincon de ademuz

When you look at the scar on the bottom of this tomato, it’s not nearly as noticeable. I have to say that the flavour of this tomato is absolutely divine. Its thick and meaty and lovely in salads. Its seeds are hidden in secret side pockets but seeds are plentiful. If you grow this tomato you need a long summer unlike what we have here on the coast of BC. This was grown in a greenhouse. It does need lots of support as it can top seven feet easily.

What is your favourite tomato? Are you saving seeds from your best tomatoes?

4 thoughts on “Morado del Rincon de Ademuz- A Tomato Worth Growing

  1. It’s hard to narrow down to one tomato. Cherokee Purple, Sun Gold, Sweet 100, Mortgage Lifter, and Green Zebra were a few of our favorites this year. I agree with you that some tomatoes are just not great. We grew an unknown variety this year that was mealy and flavorless. That’s what you get for taking a plant from a neighbor without knowing the variety.

    1. I love the Cherokee Purple and Green Zebra. My Mortgage Lifter didn’t germinate this year so will try again in the spring. I really like Wapsipinicon Peach for its sweet flavour. Its one I grow every year.

      1. Most of our tomato decisions are governed by Michael “the Tomato Shark”. He’s our 8 year old tomato loving son. Check out our recent tomato themed videos for his take on growing and picking the best ones.

        I’ll make note of your other recommendations as we have similar tomato taste!

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