Day at the Farm-Visiting Westham Island Herb Farm

Westham island herb farm

Have you ever had a tour of Westham Island Herb farm? Check out the sign above and you will see that the farm will soon be 100 years old. This family farm is a wonderful place to buy your fresh fruits and vegetables. They also participate each September in whats called ‘A Day at the Farm’. This event is sponsored by the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust.  Let’s take a look at what you will see on September 6 during the event.

A day at the farm- bachelor buttons

When I was there a couple of weeks ago the flowers were in full bloom. The Centaurea or bachelor buttons did not disappoint. A row of blues, pinks and whites added a soft palette of colour.

A day at the farm- Sunflowers

In contrast, the sunflower bed was striking with the reddish coloured sunflowers towering over the yellow ones.

A day at the farm -marigold planting

There is colour everywhere at the farm. This sea of Marigolds and Zinnias could be used to replace a lawn any day.

A day at the farm- Zinnias

Zinnias dotted the area by a fence in every colour of the rainbow. Look how they were incorporated into the squash patch.

Westham island herb farm day

There is lots to see at the farm. Be sure to check out the pygmy goats. Aren’t they cute? You will see cows and donkeys as well.

westham island herb farm

The farm features lots of antique farm equipment on display. Have your photo taken out on the farm. Enjoy a day of hay wagon rides, milk a cow or learn how to churn butter. There will be lots of food vendors and fresh local produce for sale. One thing you don’t want to forget is to enter the homemade cookie contest. I know there are some amazing bakers out there.

Westham island herb farm - A day at the farm

Day at the Farm is on September 6,2014 from 10am-4pm at 4690 Westham Island Road in Ladner. It’s a fun agricultural event for the whole family.

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