6 Patios You Will Want in Your Garden

Over the summer I have been blessed to have toured many fine gardens. What I was inspired by was not only the flowers but the patios in  these gardens. A garden is what you make it but a seating area can make your garden an oasis, a retreat for the soul and a place to sit and reflect on life.

patio at Danger Garden

While visiting Portland I was able to visit the famous Danger Garden. The garden gets its name from all the sharp plants in it and I will testify to almost drawing blood on my visit. There was lots of orange used in this garden, from the containers to garden furnishings.

Danger garden

Here is a closeup of more of the plants. I will admit, I had zone envy. Theses babies wouldn’t survive in our BC climate without protection.

patios to love

This patio setting was at the wonderful Floramagoria garden in Portland. Not only do you have a wonderful tropical setting around you as you enjoy a rest but who doesn’t love a fire?

Floramagoria garden patio

Especially when this is what you are viewing from your seat by the fire.


Ernst fuller patio gardens

Outdoor decorating is the same as what you would do inside. To add to your outside decorating try to blend plants in containers to match your outdoor furniture. I like the purple repeated in this arrangement from the patio table and chairs to the purple Hydrangea and the tiny blooms of million bells petunias in the pot on the table.

Ernst Fuller patio gardens

How about a rooftop patio? This quaint patio sits on a garage roof. If I hadn’t walked down to the street I would never have known there was a garage underneath. The large trees help to cast shade on hot summer days adding a cooling effect on the patio. Blues and reds are the theme on this patio garden with a matching geometric patio carpet to match the furniture.

Ernst fuller patio garden

A closer look and you can see the use of reds from containers, side tables,cushions and Begonias tying this colour combination together and bringing colour to a shady spot in the garden. There is even a hint of red in the carpet.

love this patio garden

When I saw this lovely sofa I wanted to grab a glass of wine, a garden magazine and relax. So far, this is my favourite patio to date. The blues reflected in the decor on the tables with bits of red thrown in. Just lovely!

Patios to love

Okay, these loungers are inviting. This photo was taken at a garden in Point Roberts on a rainy day. The patio was large and welcoming with a lovely garden surrounding it. What more could you ask for?

6 patios to love

How about a water feature right in the middle? Yes, lay on the lounge chairs and you are wowed by this vista.

6 patios to loveMy last patio is one I can only dream of having in my backyard. As we move into fall imagine the fires we could enjoy in the evening if we had a patio like this. You could snuggle up with a blanket and enjoy the warmth from this beautiful outdoor fireplace. As I reflect on what colours I saw used the most this year, orange came out number one. What will be the colour next year? I kind of hope its purple, but that’s just me.

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