You Know You Are Crazy Gardener When…..


You know you are a crazy gardener when:

1. You pull out the finished poppy plants only to have the seeds sprinkled through your hair. Hmm… maybe with the next shampoo they will germinate.

2. You can’t compost the runts of the plant litter. You have to plant every single plant no matter how sickly it looks.

3. You tell someone you are growing tomatoes for a seed bank and they call you a hard-core tomato grower.

4. You think of a new idea for the garden and hubby’s eyes glaze over. Yes, he knows he will be involved.

5. You come home after a garden tour and start rearranging the whole shade garden in July. Not a good time for transplanting anything let alone gardening.

6. You start to eye up the discarded plants in the community compost because they still look good to you. Why on earth do people toss plants out?

7. You realize that you are out shopping and didn’t check your hair before you left. You get home to see tiny leaves in your hair but no one said anything.

8.People start saying they think they know you. Yes, it’s a small town and I was on TV but that was four years ago.

9. You spend more time taking photos of your garden even though you already have 7000 photos of it. Do I really need more? Maybe some of family would be a good idea.

10. You realize that if you couldn’t garden, you may have to kill yourself. I mean what else is there to do?

11. Your grandson is born and you have to plant a pumpkin patch. I mean, that goes without saying,right?

12. You are out with hubby on a Friday night and the excitement of the evening is buying a new garden hose called Godzilla.  Wait maybe that’s Flexzilla but Godzilla sounds like a killer hose name.

13.You think back and realize that if gardening wasn’t this crazy, it wouldn’t be fun and we all need to laugh.



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