What Did Exceptionally Well in Your Garden?


As I walked the garden yesterday, all I could think of was what I would be planting next year. Yes, I am already planning my seed orders and thinking of ways to improve my garden. I had some great flowers from seed this year and some great vegetables. Lets look at what did exceptionally well in the flower garden this year.


Lilliput zinnia

I grew a couple different types of Zinnias this year. I remember going into West Coast Seeds and buying one of each kind of Zinnia seed they had. I don’t regret that purchase as they have bloomed for months now. Even during the hottest weather these plants just keep on going. Above is the Lilliput Zinnia. They are about 2-3 feet high in the garden. For some reason I figured they would be short by looking at the description ‘Lilliput’ but its the flowers that are smaller.
Lilliput Zinnia

Just because the flowers are small its mere profusion of blooms makes up for anything lacking in size. The plants are loaded with flowers and I haven’t had to deadhead them yet. These tiny beauties have staying power. I have them planted in full sun by my front door and they love it. I mentioned to hubby that I may have to grow more of them next year.

Marigold Lemon Gem

Another plant that grew easily from seed were Lemon Gem Marigolds. I know Marigolds are pretty well-known for their ease and care and they come by this rightfully. I have this plant tucked in to containers with tomatoes and as edging in garden beds. Dont’ you find that August is full of bright yellow flowers? I know my garden is.

red zinnia

This red Zinnia is hubby’s favourite. I never add red to the garden on purpose. I tend to go for pastels in the gardens most of the time. When you buy a mixed Zinnia seed package you don’t know what colours you will get. I must admit this red one is a beauty.


This year I tested out some Sunflowers in my vegetable garden. Most of them are between four to six feet high and I have some shorter ones getting ready to bloom. They are like a ray of sunshine in the garden and help to bring the bees to the garden for pollination.

Sunflower Lemon Queen

I grew some Sunflower ‘Lemon Queen’ for its soft yellow blooms. I think I like this one the best. So what will I grow more of next year? Definitely Zinnias. They have to be my favorite flower to date. They not only add colour at a time when our gardens are lacking it, they are so easy to grow. I will also border my vegetable garden in Marigolds next year. You can’t have too much colour in the garden now can you?

Our home

Today I am linking over at the Tuesday party at Creative Country Mom. Take a look at her house and you will know why.

3 thoughts on “What Did Exceptionally Well in Your Garden?

  1. My mixed Zinnias turned out mostly orange with some pale pink and yellow. You never know what you’ll get — just like chocolates.

    Everything seems late this year. I’m finally getting Pride of Barbados and Porterweed blooms, and Tithonia is cranking up too.

  2. Your flowers are just stunning! I haven’t planted any zinnias yet but after seeing this I am going to have to visit that seed company you mentioned (west coast seeds?) if they’re online…

    Have a good week!

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