Point Roberts Garden Tour

Last month I travelled to the tiny community of Point Roberts, Washington to take in the local garden tour. Eight wonderful gardens opened their gates to the public and all of them were beautiful. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of those gardens.

Point Roberts gardens

If you haven’t visited this quaint little community, its surrounded by water and the only way you can get to Point Roberts is by coming through Delta, British Columbia where I live. Its one of those communities that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. Wouldn’t you love to have a view like this? Imagine sitting on this deck for dinner each night.

using reds in the garden, planting in containers,

I loved the collections some of the gardens had created. This grouping was set up next to the front door of one home. A combination of annuals and perennials were planted in containers of varying sizes. The red being echoed in the flowers and leaves of plants next to each other.

Using beach art in containers

I love the way this shell art was added to this container. It shouts out beach community plus adds an artistic element to this foliage container.

Front door plant collection

This is a larger view of this private corner.

using brick as walls for vegetable gardens

Even though many of the gardens were quite formal, I found it uplifting to see that many of them had food gardens. The use of brick for the borders and walls continued the formality without losing it.

fountain grass as edging for paths

In one of the gardens, huge swaths of grasses were used to border pathways down to the cliffs edge. You just had to touch the plants as you walked by.

point roberts gardens

Lavender was also used as an edging plant and provided fragrance to the garden. Love the long-stemmed Lavender such as Grosso and Provence. They are hard to find here but worth the search.

conifer garden, evergreens of pacific northwest,

The Pacific Northwest is known for its evergreens and conifers. I think we take it for granted. I know I have friends in the southern United States that baby their conifers but they are very hard to grow in some areas. Most of the gardens were bordered in large conifers making it a lovely backdrop for scenes like this one.  The use of different shades of green are used well here.

Point Roberts garden tour, conifer garden

Like I said, trees abound in this community. If you have trees behind you, think of them as a borrowed landscape. Look at how the whole garden has a layered effect happening with the tall trees in the background and graduating down to the small prostrate shrubs covering the ground.

Hydrangea garden

Can you say Hydrangea heaven? I love blue in the garden but Hydrangeas have a special place in my heart. I once saw a hedge done with blue mophead Hydrangeas. It was stunning!

white dahlias

Dahlias are such great performers in the garden. I lift my tubers and store them over the winter but that’s because we have so much rain in the winter. Their flowers bloom until first frost which is usually the first week of November.

Lilies in August

Everyone should be enjoying Lilies in the garden this month.

blue apple art for the garden

I saw this blue apple and remembered my friend Kylee over at Our Little Acre wanting one of these. Where do people find them? I am on the search for one. This cobalt blue surrounded by some Japanese forest grass would be a nice addition to my garden.

glass for the garden, garden art

Glass art is quickly becoming a trend in gardens. I am not sure where these were made but you can check out Glass Gardens NW to see whats in Barb’s collection.

cannas with helping hands, whimsy, garden art

I had to laugh when I saw these because I was positive I saw the same hands on my Portland trip. Well, who couldn’t use a helping hand or two or three in the garden? I love whimsy in the garden and so does this gardener. I thoroughly enjoyed the garden tour last month and came home with new ideas for my garden. I think its time that our community of Delta had a garden tour of its own. Anyone game to show their garden next year?


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