Westwind Farm Studio- A Natural Garden

Westwind Farm Studio is one of the gardens I visited while in Portland a week ago. This garden has the most amazing views I have ever seen. The style of this garden is very natural with meadow like plantings of grasses taking the show. They specialize in selling lavender which is the first thing you see when you approach the gates to the garden. Considering this is a garden with a yoga and music studio the idea of healing plants like lavender certainly fits its mantra.

westwind studio garden

Before we entered the garden, designer John Greenlee talks about what we can expect to see and what his vision for this garden is. The garden is not completed yet. He has much more work to do beyond the gardens and hopes to introduce native plants in the meadows. It was a pleasure to meet John as I had seen his design work in Langley BC. Designing with grasses is amazing. I just wish I was that talented.


I loved the view from the garden. Rolling hills left you wanting to grab a chair and a cup of coffee to sit and enjoy all day. The main garden is four acres and surrounded by forty acres of meadows and forest.


The flower beds were magical with a sense of wildness to them. I love the fact that the beds were full to the brim with perennials.


Below the house are more flowers creating a natural garden, one that looks like its been there forever.


Even though the gardens are more natural, the pool and yoga studio give it a touch of formality. Garden bloggers dip their toes into the pool to cool off. The pool is located just steps from the home making it a great place to entertain.


The view again from a different part of the garden. Its like the garden has been created in layers upon a hillside with the great view as a borrowed landscape.


I loved the waterfall in the garden. So tranquil and refreshing on a hot day. Look how the grasses just seem to billow and soften the rocks. DSC06179

I can only dream of an outside fireplace. This one was majestic standing so tall and draped in foliage. I will bet many a night is spent in front of the fire here. Our time spent at Westwind Farm Studio was short but will be remembered for a very long time.

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