Old Germantown Garden- A Garden Above All Others

It seems like just last week that I attended the Garden Bloggers Fling in Portland. Many great gardens were seen and many new friendships made as eighty bloggers from all over the word came together to share their passion for gardening. Over the three days we visited sixteen gardens and they were all so unique. Today I am writing about the Old Germantown garden in Portland. The garden is twenty-three years old and is one of the most amazing gardens I have ever seen. The garden is on the side of the hill and has been built in layers with pathways leading you to different rooms of the garden. This garden is about two acres in size and makes my half-acre garden seem small in comparison.

Germantown garden

We enter via a steep driveway and up to the front door of the home. You can tell by the incline of the driveway to the left that this will be a garden not for the faint of heart. With my new hip I sure wasn’t going to chance going down steep gravel paths but the owners directed me to one with a lesser grade and it worked. I was able to get to the bottom of the hill without worry. Hubby had strictly warned me to tread carefully as he didn’t want me not walking again.

The garden is full of perennials of all kinds from bog gardens, woodland gardens and water features. This garden has it all. When talking to the owners I learned that the whole property had to be cleared of brambles and old trees to create the garden. Looking at the garden now, I can see that not many trees were removed as its surrounded with huge conifers creating privacy.

Dahlia at Germantown garden

This yellow¬†Dahlia caught my eye. I can’t get enough of these beautiful flowers that last for so long in the garden.

garden art at Germantown garden

The front entrance was in the shade and on a day of ninety degree weather we were grateful to sit and relax here. The garden had this cat checking out visitors as they came to the door. I love the woodland effect in this area. Cool and refreshing to sit nearby on a warm day.

Germantown garden

Many plants were familiar to me but Portland is definitely warmer than here in Delta. The pink Astilbe was planted in huge swathes alongside ferns in this woodland area.

Germantown garden

Art was placed in various places to add some hardscape to the garden. I like the use of empty containers in the garden. I wish I knew what the plant is in the foreground. Imagine its fine foliage next to that of Hostas.

Lilies at Germantown garden

The Lilies stood tall with some towering over my head. I have made a note to myself that I need to plant some Lilies next spring. They bring colour to the garden when many other plants are looking tired.

Garden art at Germantown garden

This blue ceramic container is striking amongst the foliage around it. Who says we have to place anything in the container?

Germantown garden

Being on a ¬†hillside, there are paths taking you to each level of the garden. Each level has a magnificent view. I wondered how they maintain this garden and was told they do it all themselves. Both owners work and garden each day after coming home. I was overwhelmed by the amount of climbing in the garden. You certainly wouldn’t need to go to a gym after working out in this garden. It’s definitely a labor of love for this family. There was colour everywhere.

Germantown garden

This Lily looks like its hiding under the banana tree. I love how this area looked so tropical. Check out the numbers of buds on the Lily still to open.

Germantown garden

I wish I had taken many more photos but hopefully I will return to this garden some day. It was inspiring and I am making changes to my garden now that I am home. Isn’t that what garden tours are all about? It’s about learning from others, taking what you love and trying it out yourself.

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  1. This was such a beautiful garden and well worth the walk down the steep incline…and even worse, going back up! It is so interesting to see the different posts on the gardens we visited, partly because I see things I think I missed and partly bringing back memories of the lovely places we saw. I didn’t realize the two owners still worked–I thought they must be retired and was still amazed at how they kept up with all of this! I wonder if the foliage next to the Astilbe is an Amsonia Hubrichtii; it does have similar, lovely foliage.

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