Creating a New Seating Area- Part Two

Last summer hubby and I wanted to redo this area of our garden. We have a terrible horsetail problem here and neither of us wanted to spend all summer weeding it out. Horsetail is one of  those weeds that is impossible to eradicate. Since we garden organically we knew that shading it would help. When a plant doesn’t get sunlight for growth it weakens it and that’s just what we hoped to do. To see how we began the process, click here on part one of creating a new seating area.

patio redo

The platform was leftover from an old garden shed we had taken down. The floor was salvageable so we kept it thinking we would use it for a dock one day. Then we realized it could be transformed into a patio. Hubby repaired and replaced a few boards on the deck. Below the deck we laid out a large piece of heavy-duty landscape fabric. This wasn’t your everyday fabric. We needed something to ensure the horsetail wouldn’t come through. The photo above shows the beginning of the new area with a few pavers to hold the fabric in place.


Hubby used pavers around the outside of the deck and then we placed gravel around the outer edges making sure we had landscape fabric down first.  I knew I needed to stain the deck but we tried out a few furniture combinations first. First it was the table and benches. No, I didn’t like it. It was too boring.


I remembered we had a few park benches kicking around the yard. They had been recently painted so the benches were placed on the deck. Terracotta planters were planted up and placed on either side of the bird bath. Oh, that deck, it just looked horrid! Even the benches didn’t make this deck pop.


The gravel was added all around the sides of the deck to finish it off and save us precious time in the garden. I actually tried a clear stain on the deck but the black marks showed through. I was beginning to wonder if this deck had to go.


This summer we had to fix the deck. Hubby decided to use up some stain we had leftover from painting our shed and he applied three coats to the deck letting it dry well between coats. I like this transformation. The benches were moved to a new place in the garden. We added our green Adirondack chairs and a few plants. The terracotta planters in the back are full of perennials such as Heuchera and Asters with a few Marigolds tucked in for summer colour.


I find this choice of colours way more relaxing in the garden. I can’t do grey and boring anymore.

patio redo

I took this photo this morning so the sun has washed out one of the chairs but trust me its still green. In the mornings you can sit here for a bit of shade and enjoy a cup of coffee.


The best part is this the backdrop to the new patio. I thought my Roses had peaked until today when this one yelled back,” I am just beginning!” The good news is that the horsetail has not returned this year. The fabric is still working well.


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