Remind Me To Not Grow So Many Plants

Okay, this whole plant thing has become an addiction of sorts. I mean I couldn’t help myself, the seeds were just lying around. Even after this years huge planting I still have seven packages of lettuce seed and that’s just lettuce. Did I tell you there are just two and half of us living here. Dear daughter is only home a couple of days a week so I really can’t count her in, right? Then I have this crazy ability to save seed like I was going to starve or something. How can you rip out a perfectly good but ugly going to seed plant? Sometimes people look at my kale and think why doesn’t she rip that ugly plant out? I can’t help it. I can’t waste so many seeds when so many people go hungry in this country. When I do toss a few kale pods into the green bin to recycle, it must germinate in the piles of compost the city makes. I can hope.


So here is what has happened this week.This is my newly planted garden from around mid May. Yes, I am growing veggies by the front door and if one more person asks me what the tall green plants are, well, I will strangle them. Really? You don’t know lettuce. Well, lettuce introduce you.Oh, I couldn’t resist that one.

June vegetables

This week the garden has really filled in and I planted Basil. Yes, those 13 flats of Basil (what was I thinking?) are now my new edging plant in the garden. Basil is the new edging plant for 2014.

plant sale

Then there is this notion I have that saving tomato seeds is a good thing. Well, of course it is but do I really need to grow 500 tomato plants? Yes, I did sell some and now I am giving them away. You see I have 100 left and counting. They just don’t stop coming out of their hiding places. I will start looking like a tomato soon. I am now pondering over recipes for all the tomatoes that will eventually bury me alive if they all survive.


Okay, it was fun selling plants this year but look at all the plants that still need a home. I was able to donate many plants to participants at several programs I am teaching and my friends even took some off my hands. They are finally dwindling in numbers. I feel like that neighbour who leaves zucchini on the doorstep and runs. I just want my extra plants to find a good home.


I had this crazy idea last week that I should pot up my four-inch tomatoes into one gallon pots. It buys them time until they get a spot in the garden. I have vegetables in the shade gardens, in full sun and part sun. We will see how they do.


There are over two dozen tomatoes planted in the yard. My front path is lined with them and they are loving it here. I hope the Roses don’t mind their new companions.


This is my tomato seed saving area in the greenhouse. Its looking very tidy I must say. Note I am only showing you below the shelf so as not to embarrass myself.


Sigh, I have two more flats of basil in the greenhouse and look, its starting to go to flower. Time to make pesto! What I didn’t show you are the two dozen sunflowers still waiting to be planted. It will happen but I may need to create some new gardens. Is it just me or is it just because I can really garden this year. When you have not been able to garden due to a disability and you suddenly get your legs back, you feel like you have to do everything to make up for all the time that was lost. I sure did that. From lectures, classes and starting plants, I did it all. Now I just want to kick back and relax and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Will I do this all again next year? You bet!



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