Loving the Roses and their Fragrance

You have to love June in the garden. There are so many beautiful flowers in bloom everywhere. I love it when the Roses are in full bloom. They started to bloom around the middle of May which seemed early this year. I have to remember to get a photo of them when they are at their prime or I will forget. All the Roses in my garden are fragrant and that’s just how I like it. I know, I hear groans from the rose breeders as we gardeners want everything in a Rose.


This apricot coloured Rose is my favourite as I can see it from my kitchen window. If anything you should always have a great view of the garden from the kitchen. Unfortunately all my Roses except one were here when we moved in ten years ago and not one is tagged with a name.


Since it won’t be long before the Roses finish, I made sure to have Clematis clambering up the climbing Roses to add some late summer colour. This Clematis has just opened.


The white Rose is a mass of blooms over the arbor. The arbor is another story. Its thirty feet long and looks like it was once a greenhouse frame. With several very old climbing Roses on it, it’s not something we will ever take down.

Wedding Day Set Up

Besides you never know, we may have another wedding here some day.


We think this Rose is New Dawn with its pink fragrant blooms. A friend came over to see the garden and said she had just bought this Rose. What she didn’t realize is how large it would grow.


Here is our white Rose at its best. Its blooms cascade down one side of the arbor and look amazing.


This climber is the first to bloom each year usually opening in May. It’s a lovely colour but does not bloom for very long and its blooms are so high I can’t reach them.


This is a mini climber called ‘Laura Ford’. This Rose graces my front door and easily grows to eight feet. Its fragrance greets everyone as they arrive.


The pink Roses opened today. They were grown from cuttings I took from my mother’s garden. The story was my Mom was given one plant from a friend who grew them as a hedge in Burnaby,BC. When my Mom moved we started taking cutting in hopes they would take. They certainly did and we have been able to share them with friends.




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