The Crazy Tomato Lady Strikes Again!

I have a new appreciation for the hard work that goes into growing for the public. I have always grown plants from seed and potted them up but never on this scale. This year I grew around 500 tomatoes which I planned to sell and grow the rest on for giving away and saving seed. Lets just say I still have tomatoes left but only one hundred. I know what you are thinking. Who eats that many tomatoes? What is my exit plan if they don’t sell? The tomatoes and vegetables will be grown with all my flowers, wherever I can find room. If you see tomatoes at the end of my driveway you will soon know me, the crazy tomato lady. If I had my way I would be planting them in public spaces but I have a feeling I wouldn’t be too popular.


It isn’t just tomatoes, I have lettuce, kale, cucumbers, beans, squash, herbs and peas still to be either sold or planted in the garden. Lets just say we won’t go hungry this year. While potting up the thousands of plants, I figured that I had so much soil on my face that seeds would be germinating in my eyelids.


Don’t ask me how much basil I grew. I think I got into a routine of just potting up over and over without really counting what I had done. Well, I have thirteen flats of basil. That’s a lot of pesto! I hope I have lots of basil loving customers this weekend. I am having my last plant sale this Friday and Saturday.

Add on the flowers I grew for my garden. I have flats of Zinnias, Marigolds, Nasturtiums, Salpiglossis and Godetia still waiting for me to get them into the soil. Just the other day I had a request for flowers planted in a container for a last-minute Mothers day gift. I knew that the cost of plants would be too high for this person so I used cut flowers instead. I placed three mason jars inside this flower box. I added wet oasis to the jars and wandered throughout the garden trying to decide what flowers to use.

flowers for mothers day

I decided on a blue and white theme for the containers. I picked Lilac, Centaurea montana, bluebells, Choisya, Rhododendron and some Allium.

flowers for Mothers day


I think they turned out pretty good. I love Centaurea as a cut flower in a vase. So if you need any more plants for your garden, come by this Friday from 3pm-8pm and Saturday  from 9am-2pm. I will have a limited selection of flowering plants as well.

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