Plant Sale Update for This Weekend

plant sale

It’s just days before my plant sale and the plants are doing really well. Considering how little sun we had last month it looks like our good weather has finally arrived. I have been busy planting and potting up in order to be able to share some home-grown goodness with others. I hope everyone enjoys my tomatoes this summer.

plant sale

The tomato plants have been hardening off for over a week now and with this sudden heat I have been giving them a bit of afternoon shade. It’s a bit of a shock to go from 14C to 22C overnight.


I have lots of lettuce seedlings looking for a home. I grow some perfect ones for containers. Lettuce is great as you can pick a few leaves for dinner without pulling the whole plant out. It just keeps on growing. As it gets warmer you may want to place your lettuce in the shade for some protection from the hot afternoon sun. It will start to bolt and go to seed if the weather warms up. It loves our cooler weather so plant it right away to enjoy it.


Kale is one of the most popular vegetables I have. If you haven’t tried Esalen salad you must. Here is the recipe I use over at Jane Spice. The bowl will be emptied at any family barbecue. Trust me.

Peas will be on the plant sale tables. I only have one flat so get here early for some seedlings.


I have herbs for sale on Saturday. Here is a photo of the Sage plants I grew from seed. They really grew well this year. I have many more plants from heirloom strawberries to Fernleaf dill and much more. Parking is a bit short along my street so park along 45th avenue or at McKee House and walk over. I am a four-minute walk from Save On Foods in Ladner.


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