Fridays Flowers- Iris Beauties

Its Friday and I thought I would share some flowers from my garden. Today the Irises are in bloom. They are such a delicate looking flower yet stand so tall on strong stems.

iris flowers

This Iris is a pale lilac colour and one of my favourites. I have planted this one along with purple Allium for a striking combination.


The Irises seem to love the location on the south side of my greenhouse. They love the sun they receive each day. You have to click on this photo to see the intricate markings on the falls of this Iris.


This Iris is new to me. I received an unknown Iris from a friend and this must be it. It’s the deepest maroon I have seen. Still not sure if I am ¬†fond of this colour and wondering what plant would look nice to this.Perhaps a yellow Iris to compliment the yellow inside this one. The jury is out on this one. I know the gardening world loves dark flowers but it’s not really me. I like soft pastels the best. Maybe its the calming nature of pastels that I love about my garden.


This Iris is just unfolding in two shades of purple with touches of lemony yellow.


I love the bi-coloured Irises. This is definitely a keeper. The flowers of this one are always a sign of perfection.


Irises need full sun but will tolerate part shade. This area only receives morning sun and they seem to do well here. In August, I need to do some dividing. As Irises age they tend to open up in the center leaving large bare patches. This is how you know when they need dividing. I keep the rhizomes from the outside of the cluster and usually get rid of the woody centers. Good thing about dividing is I will have many more Irises to plant. That’s a good thing!



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