Basil and Bean Extravaganza

There was a point when my greenhouse was so full that trays of plants lined the floor and it was all I could do to maneuver around them to water. Today the greenhouse is almost bare with plants all ready outside and planted or gone to new homes. This weekend I am hosting my last plant sale although I am sure I will have plants available for a few more weeks.

This week starting Friday at 3pm I will selling most of my beans and basil crop. Crazy me grew 13 flats of basil. What was I thinking? Above is the Sweet Genovese Basil. After hauling out the trays to harden them off, I came inside smelling like a basil plant. I love this tender herb for use in cooking my favourite pasta dishes or for pesto. I also make basil butter and have it on hand all year round.


New to me this year is Siam Queen Basil. I have heard it’s an excellent basil so I grew lots of it. Its leaves are different than the sweet basil being not as glossy and less curved. I look ¬†forward to trying this one out in the kitchen.


I also have a friend selling containers and guess what? Not one of them is over $7! Basil is wonderful as a container plant and I always plant mine on its own. Basil needs a well-drained soil and cannot dry out. Using a larger container will let you plant several Basil plants together. People have ben asking me for Basil since April 30. Did you know Basil likes night-time temperatures to be around 15C? Our nights are not quite that warm but we are close. On cooler nights I throw a sheet of Reemay fabric over my plants and remove it during the day. Once it warms up you no longer need to do this.


Jason will also have perennials for sale. Many have already found new homes but there are still lots left.


It wouldn’t be a plant sale without beans. Yes, beans are ready and now is the time to plant them. There will be Valentino beans which are suitable for containers, Dragons Tongue beans which are yellow and purple speckled but turn yellow when cooked and Calypso beans for drying. I grew the Calypso beans as I use a lot of canned beans for soups and chili throughout the year. Why not try growing your own? You can use them fresh picked or dry them to use all winter. I am thinking they would be great added to homemade salsa.


The cucumbers are out of the greenhouse. This year I grew Marketmore and Salad Bush cucumbers. I like the Marketmore as they grew well in a large container for me last year. The Salad Bush cucumber seeds are from West Coast Seeds and one of their special container cucumbers.


Of course, I must not forget the tomatoes. I have about one hundred heirloom tomato plants left so get them while they last. I even have a new one this week called San Francisco Fog and should have a few Peacevine cherry tomato plants. Well that’s about it for today. I am off to water all my plants.

basil plant sale

The plant sale runs from Friday, May 16 from 3-8pm and on Saturday, May 17 from 9-2. My sign will be out front and there is parking in my driveway. All my plants are in the front garden so come take a walk and enjoy the garden.


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