Tea Cup Arrangements for a Baby Shower

Its been a busy weekend getting ready for my daughter in laws baby shower. I was asked to make a few centerpieces for the tables. Now I am a gardener not a florist but I gave it my best. Its early spring and I have a few flowers out in the garden so I headed out with a basket to collect a bunch not knowing really which ones would work. You see, I was arranging them in a tiny tea cup. Large flowers would be out of scale in a tiny cup so they wouldn’t do. I collected Heather, greenery from Choisya, tiny Narcissus ‘Tete a Tete’ Muscari, Quince and  Magnolia stellata. I headed inside where my tea cups lay waiting to be done. I had remembered to soak some oasis while I went outside. I grabbed my tiny flower snips and I was ready to go.

spring tea cup arranging

I love all the spring colours!  DSC05390

Cutting the oasis to fit is a bit tricky. Its easier to make it a bit larger and kind of squish it in so it’s a tight fit. Kind of like fitting a square into a round hole. Of course, the bright thing to do would be to use a round cookie cutter and cut it to fit. Like I said, a florist I am not. This worked for what I was doing. The oasis was about one inch thick.


I played around by adding Muscari first. I love blue in the garden and have lots of them. DSC05391


Next I added some greenery as filler and poked in some Heather blooms. I like the purple and blue combination so far. Next I wanted to add the miniature Narcissus but the stems were so fragile that they were awkward to insert in the oasis without breaking them. You would have to make a tiny hole for a stem first using a skewer before adding the Narcissus. I also didn’t like the yellow. It was too harsh. I had to try something different. I tried the quince flowers but the stems looked too woody.


That’s when I added the white Magnolia stellata blooms. White was the perfect colour to complete this arrangement.


Two tea cups were arranged using the same flowers and I liked them. The pinks, whites and blues looked stunning!



This was a fun project and one that I would try with other tiny flowers. Why not set a table for Easter or Mothers Day with them? I know I will be.


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