Over 1000 Plants and More to Come!

I have been a very busy gardener this last month. I think I planted the first tomatoes around the first of March.  To date I have over 450 heirloom tomato plants in the greenhouse and a total of just over 1000 plants. I can hardly move in the greenhouse. Every inch of space is taken. I had to get creative and find more room. If I didn’t I would end up tripping over plants and that won’t do.

tomato plant sale

The tomatoes are finally all potted up into four-inch pots. There may be a few more stragglers but I am so done. That’s a lot of pot washing. Each week I say I am done potting up but more seeds germinate. There are always seeds that decide to take their sweet time.



Last year I was asked if I grew herbs for sale. Well, last year my seeds just didn’t grow. I made a point of collecting fresh seed last fall and look at what I have now. The Sage grew quickly and will be nice for any herb container.


Not only am I growing vegetables, I am also growing Sunflowers for the Great Sunflower Project which is what my school garden class will be participating in this year. The students will be thrilled to see their seeds have grown. They won’t be planted until late April so I am the babysitter of the Sunflowers for a bit.


I will never figure out Basil. I grew lots last year, no germination, not one plant! This year I cannot keep up with it. I already have over three dozen plants just from this tiny four-inch pot. I have two more pots of Basil waiting to be potted up. Okay, it was a given I would grow Basil since it goes so well with tomatoes.


All the cool season plants such as kale, cilantro, peas and lettuce are hardening off in this little free-standing greenhouse. The best part is I got this portable greenhouse for free. As you can see, things are spilling on to the sidewalks. Plants are everywhere.


The strawberries are huge! It must have been all our rain. It looks like I am a bit short of my target of having 500 tomato plants but I am happy with what I have grown to date. I never dreamed I would be able to grow, let alone fit over 1000 plants in my greenhouse. Why did I grow so many you ask? I set a goal for myself and that was good. I will be hosting a plant sale on May 3 from 9-2 at my home in Delta. I will also have another plant specialist coming to be part of the sale. I am busy working on details like signage and set up. I want the sale to be an experience, a day of celebration that we can grow our own food. What ever I don’t sell at the plant sale will be grown in my garden and any excess will be donated to the local food bank. I keep thinking, what if no one buys the plants? What will I do with them all? I have a plan. Lets hope it works.


3 thoughts on “Over 1000 Plants and More to Come!

  1. what a dream come true it would be if I had a space like that and a greenhouse!!! Here is SC, my outside garden has peas, carrots, broccolli, mustard, spinach, and all of my herbs doing really well. the other dozens of seeds will probably pop through this week since it was mid 70’s last week. Lots of rain yesterday, Monday, will only make things even grow more!

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