My Exciting News!


Okay, I am slightly overwhelmed this week. Yesterday after a rather rambunctious class of grade threes at the school garden, I came home to have a nice cup of tea and relax. I opened my Ipad to see a few messages. I wasnt prepared for what I saw next. It was a post on Facebook from my daughters partner, Lindsay. Lindsay had announced that she had been married that afternoon. I read it and thought surely she was pulling our leg. I scrolled down a bit further to see that my daughter had posted the same announcement! OMG! They had eloped and been married in Stanley Park In Vancouver while I was busy at my class. Its funny when you read something like this. It just kind of has you thinking, what just happened? I quickly called my daughter to hear the whole story. It had been in the works for three weeks but they kept it a secret. Everything from buying dresses to rings was done on weekends as they both work full-time. With only three weeks to plan the wedding, there was no time to stress out about details. You made a quick decision and were done. They had a really quiet ceremony that was very intimate and special and I am so happy for them.


I guess I should have clued in the other night when my daughter emailed me to ask where I was born. She said it was for some health insurance paperwork and wondered why such a random question would be asked. Anyway it wasnt until I was halfway to their home last night that I clued in. They needed my birth info for the marriage license. Okay, now who is the dummy here? I know. I should have guessed.

Wishing my new daughter, Lindsay,  a warm welcome to our rather large family. May you both have a happy marriage for years to come. We are so happy you came into our lives.


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