Look at What I am Growing and Why I Haven’t Been Writing

I started out this year by setting a goal for myself. I had been successful last year growing tomatoes and selling them to my friends. I received a lot of good feedback as well. I wondered this year just how many plants could my 8’x20′ greenhouse produce. My friend Mark had asked if I could grow 5000 plants but after doing the math I knew my greenhouse wasn’t capable of holding that many plants. My friends and acquaintances know I am passionate about seeds and seed saving so it was a given that I would order a few seeds and plant once again. It’s like an addiction but its good for my soul. To see each seed sprout and grow to full maturity makes me happy. I guess if that’s all I need to be happy its a good hobby.

heirloom tomatoes

So I started my tomato seeds in early March and this is how they look today. They are 3″-4″ high and looking very healthy. I must admit that after the 500th tomato seedling I had had enough. I placed the last few babies outside thinking they would perish on the potting table. No, tomatoes just will not die for me so any soil leftover has been dumped on the garden beds and I envision stray seedlings popping up everywhere.


In the greenhouse I have been able to grow around sixty flats of plants. Most of the tomato plants are heirloom varieties which means they are seeds that came about before the 1950’s. Some of the tomatoes are being grown solely for seed to send to a seed bank. Some are for my personal use and the rest I hope to find homes for. So this year I am holding my plant sale on May 3 and hope everyone will come by. Even if you don’t buy something we can chat about plants and linger over coffee.

There are also beans, cucumbers and zucchini in the greenhouse. I am trying to grow a few new types recommended for containers. You see here on the west coast of BC real estate is so expensive. That leaves many young families living in condos and townhouses with space for just a few containers.


I had literally thousands of Red Russian Kale seeds so I have several flats of this soft leaved Kale. DSC05490

I also have flats of Lacinato Kale which is new to me this year. There is nothing better than a kale salad at summer barbeques.


It always puzzles me why people don’t grow celery. It’s so easy to grow and is a cool season plant. Just don’t plant six plants at once or you will have so much celery at harvest that you will be making soup with it. A couple of plants at a time is more than enough. Celery is way larger than you see in the grocery stores. By the time it is trimmed up they celery plant has been stripped of half of its outer leaves and stalks. You really have to grow it to see the size it can get.


So that’s why I am not writing lately. I am heading out to pot up over two hundred basil plants today and get some needed weeding done before the big Easter egg hunt in the garden. So if you live in my hood, my sale is on May 3 from 9-2 in Ladner. A poster will come out shortly. It just needs to rain before I get the advertising done. I can’t waste time inside on a sunny day.


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