April Is Here!

April is here and so are the longer days. I noticed last night that its light out until almost 8 o’clock. Now is the time to get out in the garden and enjoy the longer days. It was the first lawn cut of the season yesterday and the yard has lost its ruffled unkempt look. There are lots of gardens to edge and plants to add. As I walked the garden this morning I am watching where the sun is shining.You see my front yard will soon be shade after the trees leaf out but I want to plant some leafy vegetables in amongst the flowers. You see I have so many seedlings I need to think about finding them a home. I will hazard a guess that in my over 50 flats in the greenhouse, there must be over 1000 plants! I am having a plant sale on May 3 but what if they don’t sell? Well, I have a plan. If I have any leftover plants I will fit them into our garden. That will mean mixing them in to the flower beds as I only have a small raised bed for vegetables. I am thinking that I need to convince hubby to build about eight more raised beds. The more he sees the flats and flats of plants in and around the greenhouse, he is slowly realizing what is there. He is even encouraging me to grow more.I figure if we have too many vegetables this year, I can always donate some to the less fortunate.

I would have taken photos of the greenhouse plants but my camera battery died as I walked the garden.

april flowers

The Camellia ‘Donation’ is now in full bloom.



The Quince has just opened its stunning blooms and soon the bees will be all over this large shrub.


Primula are everywhere and I love them. They are wonderful plants for the shade garden. I grow Primula under the canopy of deciduous trees.  Primula doesn’t mind the spring sunshine as it isn’t as intense and the shade provided by the trees in the summer  creates the ideal growing conditions for these moisture loving plants.


Narcissus and Helleborus take the stage today. I think this Lenten Rose has moved with me several times and must be over ten years old.


I will finish the day with my favourite plant, Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’. If you don’t have this plant, its a must for every garden. Its forget-me-not like flowers are in bloom now. Once the flowers finish be sure to cut the flowering stems back.


This is what it looks like all summer. Its best in a shade to dappled shade location. Too much sun will burn its delicate leaves. Doesn’t it make an impact?

I am linking over at Creative Country Mom’s where we are celebrating spring with a Home Sweet Garden Party.


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