Lets Cheer for the Sight of Spring Flowers!

It’s the end of the week and I was able to get outside and play in the garden once again. Spring has definitely arrived here on the west coast and everything is starting to bloom.

spring flowers

This is Camellia x williamsii ¬†‘Donation’ and its covered in blooms this year. Its been know as one of the best Camellias ever bred. This plant does best against the north side of our shed where it is protected from the hot mid day sun.It doesn’t mind a bit of morning sun or late afternoon sun but has its best bloom colour with some shade. Our plant is about four feet high but will grow to eight feet at maturity. It was slow growing to start but now it seems to have really settled in.


When we bought this home it had almost thirty-five¬†Rhododendrons and Azaleas. I didn’t really need to add more but I have done so over the years. This Rhododendron was bought for its variegated foliage but if you look closely you will see that the plant is trying to revert back to solid green. The only way to stop the reversion is by removing the branches that have green leaves. I will tell you, its hard to look at that large bud and take it off now. Perhaps after its blooms are done.


The flowering Quince is full of buds and ready to open this week. This is a beautiful shrub for the garden but did you know its branches are a mess? What I mean is that they grow every which way and the plant does sucker. Now, if you don’t mind a few extra plants that’s okay. Our Quince is in an area where it can grow to its hearts content. It needs a wide berth with this one already about ten feet wide and high.

quince flowers



This is what it will look like when in bloom. It’s a mass of bright rosy pink blooms and they last for weeks. In the fall the shrub does produce some fruit but it’s not enough to warrant its use.



This sad looking Hyacinth has had better years but it’s still coming up each year. I am not sure why its flat on top. Old age perhaps? Its time to refresh the planting under this tree. This is a good time to look at what spring bulbs are blooming and if you need to add more in the fall. I noticed that I have no Narcissus in my back garden. It’s probably best to make a note on your calendar in September saying to buy more of whatever you need. I know I won’t remember without writing it down somewhere.


I saved this delight for last. I planted some mixed species Tulips last fall and this is one of them. Of course, a mixed bag could be anything and this one wasn’t in the photo on the bag. I believe this is Tulip turkestanica or Tulip bifloriformus but I can’t be totally sure. I love the star-shaped flower and yellow center on this one. The flowers of species tulips open wide on sunny days and close up at night and on cloudy days. They are great Tulips for the garden as they tend to multiply and naturalize well.

I hope you enjoyed my taste of spring flowers. It’s just a beginning of whats to come.


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