I am Planting a Crazy Mix of Seeds

I don’t have to tell you how addicted I am to seeds. People seem to know and I am always being given seeds from other people’s stashes. When my Mom moved last year, we came across a bucket full of old seeds in her shed. Were they viable? I am not sure. Some seeds last a long time and others don’t. I could test them in a damp paper towel but I can’t be bothered. With nine flats of seeds already on the go in the greenhouse, I don’t want to waste time with questionable seeds.

seed mix

So what will I do with them.? I have decided to mix them all together in one big wild and crazy mix. If they don’t grow, oh well, they didn’t cost me a penny.

So whats in this mix?

Bachelors Button -My passion for blue flowers in the garden has me hoping this one germinates.

Babys Breath- Love this for bouquets

Shirley poppies-Old seed but I remember originally getting them from the Vancouver Sun years ago. Planting for old times sake.

Wildflower blend- Okay this is last years seed from West Coast Seeds which I didn’t plant last year.

Hummingbird mix- One of those mixed seed packages that doesn’t say whats in it.

Pollinator blend- Another free seed pack from West Coast Seeds.

Nemesia- I love this early bloomer!

Impatiens- I doubt these will grow as its only March and of course, there is the dreaded downy mildew.Maybe the birds will eat the seeds.

Marigolds-Okay, I have a hard enough time growing these in a greenhouse. Maybe they will do better thrown around carelessly. Who knows?

Dusty Miller- From seed, who does this?

The bowl has literally hundreds of seeds in it. I have an area in mind where I want to plant them. It’s best to just plant them and watch and wait. If they don’t grow I will plant something else. One thing I am not short on are seeds. I didn’t mention I have an envelope of mixed seed for another area in the garden.

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