Fridays Flowers and a Labor of Love

tulips under water

Take a look at this photo and you will see that we have had our share of rain here. Yes, those are Tulips in that garden and they will survive this wet area like it never happened. Well, that was two days ago and the weather has warmed and it looks like we may even have a few dry days. I know what everyone in California is thinking, send me your rain. If only I could.


There are lots of flowers starting in the garden but I figure we are about three weeks behind. The Crocuses came out a couple of weeks ago and then it snowed. Yes, snowed and here on the west coast it doesn’t snow this late in the year. As a matter of fact it rarely snows at all. I am so glad to see it gone. I want spring and I want it now. I want to taste the first of the homegrown vegetables and smell fragrance in my garden once again.


So today I walked the garden and found this Hellebore in bloom. I love its speckled face. We moved a few more Hellebore to the garden last summer but they are just in bud still.

narcissus tete a tete

We have lots of Narcissus in bloom along the front walkway. The garden is in full sun and everything blooms a little sooner here.


I knew this warmer weather would happen and we are going to be playing catch up for a while. I have lots of pruning to do in the yard with the first cuts going to the Cotinus or Smoke bush. I love this shrub but it grows about five feet a year. By pruning it a bit now, it will maintain a nice compact shape. Now to get some mulch down underneath to cover up the landscape fabric. We have lots of mulch left from the trees that came down last year.

logs to  recycle

We also have a huge number of logs to recycle somehow. The city recommended that we use the logs to support our bank so that’s just what hubby is going to do. It was hard to have two trees taken down as we know how lovely it was to have privacy. We never saw the blue house before and that fence has to go. Unfortunately one of the trees had already fallen in the neighbour’s yard and the others were beginning to lean. One showed up with rot inside after it was taken down. I was relieved to have them down.

using logs on a bank

Hubby has been hard at work all afternoon as it’s a big project. I am not sure how its going to look as my idea of terracing a bank is evidently not the same as his idea of building up a bank. No, he has no plans for any flowers along there. Well, not yet. So far, he is going to set the logs in, fill it in with soil and lay a heavy-duty landscape fabric up to the fence. It a very weedy and slippery area to walk so the less he has to do over there , the better. Isn’t he the best? You see when all the logs are gone, the area on the far side of the yard will be bare. You know what that means, right? I think hubby wants lawn, ugh. I would like about ten raised garden beds to grow food. Maybe we can compromise.

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