Creating an Easter Terrarium

Spring is here and the sun is shining so I will keep this short. The sun makes you want to get outside and that’s just what I plan to do. I have to tell you about the terrarium I created yesterday. I am having my family over for Easter brunch and wanted to have a nice centerpiece for the table. This was so easy to make. You will need a large glass vase  that allows you to place your hand in the top. Trust me, if the container is small it will have you using chopsticks to get stuff organized in your new planter. I love miniature gardening. Creating a terrarium is like a miniature garden in a glass shell. Lets get started.
easter terrarium

Place a few small clean rocks on the bottom to aid in drainage. I also sprinkle a bit of charcoal to sweeten the pot in case someone over waters. Remember, a shot glass of water every three weeks is all this planter will need when its done.


I place a layer of moss around the sides of the glass and then add some indoor potting soil. Try to level the soil as best you can. Now you are ready to plant.


I chose to add a succulent which is just two inches across. It was the perfect size and will not outgrow the container for a long time. Yes, the plants will grow and you may need to find a replacement down the road. That’s just what plants do. Succulents are a good choice for a glass container as they love the heat. Remember the glass will make it much warmer in the terrarium especially if you place it in the sun. Its kind of like sitting in your car on a hot day. Once planted, try to watch how much sun your plant gets so it doesn’t overheat. Its almost best away from direct sun.


The planting can be difficult in a tight space so take your time. Be sure the roots are firmly covered with soil. Now the fun part begins. You can use all sorts of things to pretty up your container. Sometimes less is more. I like simple terrariums at the best of times. Easter is coming so lets add some colour. After the holidays you can always change the theme of your container.


I added a bit of reindeer moss along the side of the plant and  some flat pebbles to form a small path. The easter egg stems were bought at the dollar store and I cut them to fit the terrarium. I love how the blue eggs match the plant colour. I couldn’t forget to add a bunny. After all it wouldn’t be Easter without one.


Well, one terrarium led to another and before I knew it I had two. This one is a little smaller but I love it. I used the same succulent as in the first terrarium but this time I used tiny white rocks all over the surface of the soil. I love how they turned out. Are you ready to give this a try?



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