Am I Crazy for Growing 500 Tomatoes? Probably

I am one lucky girl to have a greenhouse. Look at what I have growing. So far I have about 17 flats of seeds planted and there will be more to plant as the weather warms up. So what am I growing? I am growing 26 different types of tomatoes this year. Yes, I am one crazy tomato lady. My mom used to say that as a child I would walk around eating a tomato like most children would an apple. So I guess its in my blood, this tomato craziness. I love them and love to grow them. If I can share a new variety with someone then my mission has been accomplished. You see there are hundreds and hundreds of different varieties of tomatoes. You don’t have to settle for the plain old red ones from the grocery store.


This year I have four new black tomatoes that I am growing. Black Krim , Black from Tula, Cherokee Purple and Indigo Rose are a few that I have started. Look at those cute one inch high seedlings of Black Krim. They are next on my list to be potted up. I know what you are thinking. They haven’t got their true leaves yet. What I have learned with tomatoes is that they grow roots faster than they grow leaves. It’s only a matter of a few days before the new leaves start to form so I will pot these little seedlings up into four-inch pots. I will also add a pinch of Gaia 4-4-4 organic fertilizer to each planting. By potting them up now, they will have room to grow and believe me, they grow fast when given more root space.


I am also growing Sweet Alyssum in the greenhouse. I am using this flower to help attract pollinating insects to the garden. You need to have flowers in your vegetable garden to have good pollination. We all know how much the bees love this plant.


Sweet peas are showing their true leaves and I can’t wait to get them outside. I hope to grow these in a large container and wind them up a trellis. I grew these plants from seed I collected from last years plants. I don’t know what colour they will be as they may not come true from seed. But really, does it matter? Any colour of Sweet Pea is okay in my garden. That’s the fun part about gardening. You get to experiment once in a while.


I have started some peas in the greenhouse in preparation for an early April garden class called Pea, Beans and Potatoes- Oh My! I will be showing students how to plant peas to take home but its kind of boring taking home a pot of newly planted seeds so I will be using transplants well. I will talk a little more about my upcoming class next week as I have a bit of a surprise up my sleeve.


It was a busy morning in the greenhouse as I potted up some Early Annie and Sophie’s Choice tomatoes and a flat of Sage plants. The tomato seedlings look so tiny but they won’t be like that for long. My goal is to have 500 tomato plants this year so the greenhouse may be where I spend all my time for the next month. What I learned this year is the collected Sage seed germinated very quickly. Next on my list for today is potting up English Thyme. There is nothing better in the garden than being able to pick your own herbs for cooking. So If you don’t hear from me for a bit, I am in the greenhouse having a grand old time. You know why? Even if its raining I can still play in the soil.


12 thoughts on “Am I Crazy for Growing 500 Tomatoes? Probably

  1. Wow, indeed! One day I definitely want a greenhouse in which to spend my winter days. Might be dangerous, though. I don’t have room in my garden for 500 tomatoes!

  2. Wow, indeed! One day I definitely want a greenhouse in which to spend my winter days. Might be dangerous, though. I don’t have room in my garden for 500 tomatoes!

  3. Hey Kristin
    No, not crazy – insprired!!!
    But can I ask you – how much greenhouse space do you need to grow 500 tomato plants?
    That is if you grow them to maturity in the greenhouse…?

    1. Hi Laura, my greenhouse is 8′ by 20′ and I grow the plants into 4″ pots and move them outside. If I grew full size plants I could fit about 20 plants inside but that could be a bit crowded. I sell most of the 500 tomato plants that I grow and grow about 24 myself.

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