Spring is Almost Here

I know, spring for many is still a few months away but here on the west coast of British Columbia we tend to gloat. Our mild winters are short and the first flowers are beginning to bloom. We just can’t help but get excited when they open their tiny blooms. It’s not that we want to brag. We just want to share our excitement. Well, okay, maybe its a bit of both. This year has been a colder winter with temperatures going to -10C  but it has been dry with forty percent less rain. Of course, knowing the wet coast it will come all at once in March. There is no shortage of rain here.

spring garden flowers

Lets take a look at whats happening in the garden. The Galanthus or snowdrops are finally open. These tiny nodding white flowers love to grow underneath large shrubs.


They even pop up through a thick layer of leaves in my front garden. Its was interesting to see that I have two different microclimates. Here the snowdrops are not open like the ones in my backyard. All we need is a bit more sunshine for these to open.


My Hellebore isn’t looking too happy after the harsh temperatures we had in early February. Many people covered their Hellebores to protect the blooms. I did not. I figure the plants have to be tough for this half acre garden. I don’t have time to baby them. I didn’t lose any of the Hellebores to the cold and will still have lots of flowers in the next few weeks.


I was pretty excited to see the first crocus but it didn’t open until later in the day. Now I have a few more starting to show colour and look forward to seeing them bloom.


I had already cleared the leaves from this garden but mother nature had different plans. She swept them in over the garden again and provided some protection during the last cold spell. The miniature Narcissus are in bud and usually bloom in March.

If you have Roses in the garden, you will see lots of new growth happening. It’s still too early to prune your Roses yet. Watch for the Forsythia to bloom in your neighbourhood. When the Forsythia blooms, you can prune your hybrid tea Roses.


Its seed starting time in the greenhouse. Now if you don’t have a greenhouse, you can plant seeds indoors. Just make sure you have plenty of light. I have planted four flats of seeds. So far it’s mainly herbs and sweet peas. I have sown thyme, sage, chives, parsley, oregano and leeks,  In two weeks I will be busy planting my heirloom tomato seeds. It’s always a mad rush to get the greenhouse back in order and all the decor from outside back into the garden. The greenhouse becomes a storage area for things like the garden hoses, my miniature gardens and all the school garden class supplies. I can hardly move in there. It’s so nice to be in the greenhouse getting my hands in the soil once again. I can hardly wait for the first plant to germinate. That will truly feel like spring.

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