Jasmine-When a Neglected Plant Becomes a Winter Favourite

Winter Jasmine

I was pretty excited last week to see the winter Jasmine in bud. Let’s just say this plant was very neglected for many years. It grew in a large seven gallon black nursery pot outside the kitchen window. The only time I saw it do anything particularly exciting was in December. It would slowly unfold yellow buttery coloured flowers at a time of year when I least expect to see flowers. By the time spring came it was just a leafy vine of sorts clinging to an old trellis. The vine was about eight feet high and not always watered unless it rained. Being in a corner, it got ignored. It was easy to miss when watering. It took years for me to see the value in this plant. Even now I still think that given a better home in the ground, it would do better. This summer hubby insisted on moving the Jasmine. He wanted to build a large wooden planter for it but as most projects go, this one didn’t get off the ground. We did transplant the Jasmine to some new soil in a ┬álarger pot. It got moved to the north side of a small garden shed.


This is what it looks like today. Its liking its new home I think. It’s one of only three plants blooming in the first few days of December. Jasmine nudiflorum or winter Jasmine can grow to ten feet easily. Its branches benefit from some kind of support. I like this rustic trellis which allows me to weave the willowy branches throughout. I often wonder if it would better with more sun. It gets a lot of sun in the summer and fall but is more shaded in winter. As you can see by this plant, the flowers emerge before the leaves. Its leaves are tiny and a glossy green but not a stand out feature of the plant. It will flower from December to February here in the lower mainland of BC.Its definitely a plant you want to see up close from your home so position it well. In the dark days of winter, it will open its cheery blooms to brighten any day. I can’t believe I ignored this plant for so long. It was here when we bought the home nine years ago. It will be interesting to see how it makes out in its new home over the spring and summer of next year. Let’s hope we get that promised planter built.

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