Minter Gardens-Exceeding Expectations

Yesterday I had the privilege of walking through Minter Gardens in Rosedale, BC. What a wonderful garden to visit with 32 acres of garden exquisitely designed. Minter Gardens has been open since 1980 and is obviously the passion of Brian Minter. The colours and design elements are outstanding. It was sad news when we heard recently that this garden would close in October of 2013. The garden is made up of twelve theme gardens with vistas I can only dream about.

minter gardens

The first one we saw was the lake garden with its beautiful waterfall. As we walked through the gardens it was a warm 31C and just seeing the water made it seem cooler outside.


What I loved about this garden is, it was like walking through a  series of garden rooms. You have to love this arbor and how it leads the eye way down to the arbor far away in the distance. Each side of this arbor is flanked with Clematis happily growing up the sides. DSC03562

Inside the arbor is the Rose garden. Rows upon rows of beautiful Roses! The fragrance was amazing!  I could have stayed here all afternoon.


This Rose was one of my favourites and look at the foliage. All of the Roses were healthy looking and in full bloom.


The yellow Roses are just as lovely and I would have like to have taken this one home.


This Rose was so bright with shades of pink and orange on blooms at least four inches across. The whole Rose garden was underplanted with sweet Alyssum.


Next we walked into the formal garden. This gazebo is surrounded by carefully clipped hedges and bonsai trees.


I love the use of different hardscapes in the garden. Theses posts made me think of a Grecian garden. Hmmm…. I have two of these at home that I should use in my garden. All mine need are the decorative tops.


More of the formal area of the garden included this huge Canadian flag.

minter gardens

Not just one flag graced the property. This one is all decked out in red and white Begonias.

minter gardens

This garden is truly amazing to see. As you round each corner there is something new to see.


This garden was one of my personal favourites. I love the use of pastel colours in the garden.


What garden would be complete without a few hanging baskets? They were gorgeous!


If you like water features in the garden, this is the place to go. Check out this water wall. You can sit in behind this wall of water and enjoy the shade.


As far as water features go, this one takes the prize. minter gardens

There are stream and waterfalls throughout the garden. Minter Gardens is built beneath Mt. Cheam. When a section of the mountain came down centuries ago, it created an excellent topography for the Minter’s dream garden. The large trees you see are ones that have always been here. Imagine designing a 32 acre garden. This garden shows a love of design, colour and scent.


Walking along the water was so nice on a  hot day.


Towards the end of our walk I came across this tiny chapel. Yes, many weddings have taken place at Minter Gardens over the years. If you havent been to Minter Gardens, add it to your bucket list. What I loved about Minter Gardens is the placement of benches throughout the garden. We could stop along the way and just relax and enjoy the view. The paths are fully accessible and easy to navigate. There is also a great cafe to grab a bite to eat. You can find more information about the gardens at

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