Lets Bring in Those Flowers

Today I treated myself to a bouquet of flowers. Not store-bought but flowers from my garden. I had spent a productive morning cutting back and weeding the garden so I deserved a reward. I always have enough flowers in the garden that I can steal a bouquet each week. The trick is to keep it away from the cat who loves to eat tiny flowers.

bouquet of July flowers

So todays bouquet is full of the hot colours of July. To the left is Dahlia ‘Mango Sunset’ with its cactus like petals in orange. Bottom center is Dahlia ‘Wheels’, a collarette Dahlia with a second fringe of petals in the center. I added some Rudbeckia or black-eyed Susan and some Crocosmia. I love the way Crocosmia  adds grace to the vase with its curving stems. To the far right there is also a Dahlia ‘Honka’ but its hidden so I will add another photo of it.

Dahlia 'Honka'

Here she is in the garden. I love the strong colours of July as things start to wind down and I start seeing a tinge of red on the trees. As I garden I am now planning to add new fall colour to the garden and thinking about next years garden. After all,  in a couple of months it will be time to think about spring bulbs.

mountain ash berries

I see my trees producing fruit with the Mountain Ash being first. Today I spotted berries on the Styrax and Dogwood trees. The birds will love them in the fall.

So what are you picking for a bouquet? Why not give someone a surprise bouquet of flowers? It will make their day.

Today I am linking over at the Impatient Gardener.

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