Junkin’ In the Garden

Have I ever told you how much stuff we have? Both hubby and I are collectors of stuff for the garden but you know how it is, we have good intentions but not always enough time. Well, three homes later and now we are finally using some found items. I bought two old gates for $5 each years ago and thought I was getting a horrible deal. That is until I went to a vintage sale and saw a gate sell for $70, cough, cough. Yes, you have that right. Funky old junk is in and the rustier the better.

rusty gate


So I went out in our secret junk area and dragged out one gate. I leaned it against my vegetable garden and there was a new trellis. Hubby saw that I had propped it up with bricks so he knew that wasn’t safe. He fashioned some clamps and screwed the gated to one end of the raised bed. Okay, that was a few weeks ago and the garden is growing like crazy. I have cucumbers and melons wanting to travel and I know we will step on them.

rusty gate

So what does a girl do? I headed back to the junkin’ area and dragged out the other gate. Today hubby saw it sitting there and he attached it for me. I had to carefully train the tendrils of the plants around the gate but they will do the rest. Now the raised vegetable garden looks like  a bed but I guess that’s okay.


We also decided to lay some heavy-duty landscape fabric down on the north side of the greenhouse. It was the hardest place to weed! Now it will look great with a few pavers to walk on. The next step is getting some gravel to fill in. So I know what you are thinking. How is the gravel not going to get in the garden? Well, there is a new plan in place to lay a divider down and create a western look. But that project is still under wraps. Its busy around here but I think it may get done next week. So stay tuned. I think you will like what we will be creating next.

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