Enjoying the Hot Colours of July

I love this time of year. The garden is planted and we get to just enjoy the flowers and fruits of our labour. This week I am seeing signs of fall appear with a few red leaves turning on the Dogwood tree and the fall mums showing their tiny rust coloured buds. I know, summer isn’t even over yet and I am in no rush to see it go. Summers here are short so lets enjoy it while we can. In my garden spring brings  the yellows and reds with the arrival of Tulips and Daffodils. Then things seem to switch to pastels for late spring and early summer with Bluebells, Rhodos and Peonies taking the stage. Now that summer is here the bold colours that remind us of fall are here.


The salmon coloured Dahlias grace my front walk and I have never seen so many flowers on one plant. Below it are the reds and oranges of cactus Zinnias shouting out ‘here we are’ with their vivid colours.

July flowers

The Daylilies are in full bloom with this yellow and red one peeking above the Hostas.


The Mountain Ash above the Hostas holds clusters of bright red berries just waiting to be eaten by birds.


Dahlia ‘Honka’ is showing its cute petal form in the front garden this week. For some reason I only get a couple of flowers at a time on this plant.


The Nasturtiums are still growing strong. They border my raised vegetable garden and give it lots of colour. I love using the blossoms in salads. So far, this is my favourite colour.


Yesterday I noticed this plant in bloom. You know you have a large garden when it takes until now to see an errant plant. Yes, this bloom is smack in the middle of a Rudbeckia planting as seen below. All I could say last night was, “This one doesn’t look like the other”. After some sleuthing I have decided it must have come from some compost. Last year, my friend, Adnan, dropped by to hand me a bunch of seeds that he hoped I could grow for him. I carefully planted them in my greenhouse but nothing grew. I hated to tell him that they didn’t grow but stuff happens. So today I posted this photo for him to see as I wondered if perhaps I had tossed the ungerminated seed and soil from its pot into the compost. I save my soil from the greenhouse to layer in my compost. Wouldn’t you know it, it is the same flower he had hoped I would grow for him. Upon researching this flower, I know it’s a Rudbeckia but its fuzzy leaves have me stumped. Annual or perennial, not sure. I know from previous experience that it hates to be moved. I do love the colour of this one so I will be collecting seed this fall.  I love the brown striping on it.


Luckily I can always rely on this Rudbeckia to be there every year without fail. I love the cheerful yellow flowers that bloom into the fall. They usually bloom until we get a frost.


This week I introduce  Dahlia ‘Wheels’, which seemed to take forever to bloom. I love the collarette Dahlias and still have another new one just about to bloom. Each flower has an inside ring of petals.


Its been a week of garden projects and we are still putting the finishing touches on a new seating area. Hopefully I can reveal more details next week. This is the first installment of the new seating area but there is  much more to see.

Until then , check out Tootsie Time and see what she is growing.

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  1. it feels like forever since I had time to sit and enjoy everyone’s posts…I am so glad I could drop by today and see your addition to my little party! Thank you so much for linking into my little party this week…I appreciate and enjoy every post!
    I hope you will link in again and again!
    I am also sharing your post to the Tootsie Time Facebook page!
    Have a great week!

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