Friday Flowers-The Garden is Finally Coming Together!

This week has been filled with sunny days and the flowers are showing off their lovely blooms. It’s almost time to sit back and relax but I have a few more plantings to complete. I don’t think the garden is ever really done, is it?

The Sage is in full bloom and the bees are loving it. There is nothing better than having a herb garden right in your backyard. It makes dinner a breeze when you just have to walk outside to get your herbs.


The Poppies are absolutely beautiful and I have started popping seed heads in my pocket for next years sowing. I found some brilliant red Poppies at our community garden. They had reseeded themselves along our compost area.


The Alstromeria is just beginning to open under the Rose arbor. It’s such a great cut flower, often lasting up to two weeks in a vase.


Masses of Roses cover the arbor this month. They have to be the easiest Roses to care for. Just tie them in place to train them a bit and you are done.

DSC03166The lawn furniture is finally out of the shed and containers are planted around it. Its barbecue time!


I am having some fun doing the funky junk thing. This old bench was a found item and needs some work. I did a bit of stenciling, added a pot of Violas and a crow to dress it up. I still have the urge to sand it down and repaint the whole thing. Maybe next year.


The gnomes have finally found a home on the potting bench. There they can stay as I am not the biggest fan of gnomes. It also prevents me from putting any more junk on top.

bird house
bird house


I still have a coupe of new projects to finish. I found this derelict old bird house and added a bit of paint. I have one of those wrought iron hanging basket stands and I think the birdhouses will hang from it this year. I thought it would be fun to be able to move them around and use them in areas that need more colour.

Well that’s it for today. I am linking with Tootsie Time and hope you will too. I am off to get my Zinnias and Eggplant in containers but I have been saying that for two days. Of course, how could I resist getting my Mom some flowers for her patio.? I think I know how to create work for myself but I love it.


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