What is a Seed Library?

Last week as part of the demonstrations at the Milner garden Party, I happened to visit the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Seed Library. Now I know what you are thinking, seed library, whats that?  Good question! The seed library opened to keep heritage seed varieties alive and to build interest in locally sourced sustainably grown food.

So how does someone use the seed library? There is no charge. The seed library asks that you return to the library with some saved seed from your own garden to make up for what you have taken. They want their seed library to keep on growing and supply gardeners for years to come.

What is a seed library?

I think this such a great idea. Just look at this file bursting with flower seeds. Think about it, when you buy package of something like onions seeds, do you use them all? Often there are almost 800-1000 seeds per package and it would be hard to use them all up. Why not take in your unused seed to trade for something else at the seed library? I call that paying it forward. If you want to donate seeds to the seed library be sure to place them in an envelope, mark the common name, area and season in which they were collected. Seeds must be completely dry before donating. This is important as there is nothing worse than mouldy seeds. If you don’t know how to save seed, check out your local library to learn how. It’s so easy.

What is a seed library?

The seed library is also full of vegetable seeds which is perfect for spring. So how do you find the seed library? It can be accessed at the Kwantlen Library- Langley campus. Check this site for times. Remember when borrowing seed that it is up to you to bring some back in the fall. Lets get this wonderful program going. Donate your saved or open pollinated seeds today. Its time to start planting.

For information about the Kwantlen Seed Library check out their Facebook page here.


3 thoughts on “What is a Seed Library?

  1. I’ve been reading a lot about seed libraries lately and I love the idea. My community garden is planning to implement a “take a seed, leave a seed” program this year which I hope will eventually evolve into a full fledged seed library.

  2. I havent come across seed libraries here but there are lots of seed swap events which is the same principle. I also use a number of seed distribution schemes but they are for seed you collect from your garden and have spare. They are good because you come across lots of varieties that arent in the standard seed catalogues

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