Tip Toe Through the Tulips

Last week I had a lovely visit to Roozengaarde Tulip fields and display garden. This family has been raising Tulips since the mid 1700’s. Roozengaarde was established in 1985 by the Roozen family and the Washington Bulb Company and they are the largest bulb growers in the world specializing in Daffodils, Tulips and Irises.

Tip Toe through the tulips

In the fields we saw every colour of Tulip possible. It was amazing to view them against the rural background. This field of yellow definitely makes you want spring to arrive soon.

Tip Toe Through the Tulips

Fields and fields filled with colour. Roozengaarde has almost 1000 acres dedicated to growing bulbs! Now if that doesn’t tire you out just thinking about it, imagine digging all those up and replanting in the fall. What a huge job that must be!

Tip Toe Through the Tulips

The fields are a great place to bring your children. Not only do the Tulips attract them but so does the mud. This little guy had cameras clicking as he dove over and over into this giant mud puddle. He was having a great time. Mom didn’t care as a wash station is nearby for cleaning up. I have to wonder, do you think he liked the mud more than the flowers? I think so.


A short walk across the street and you enter the display gardens. Here you can see smaller groupings of Tulips to give you ideas on planting combinations. I like this pink one above.


This pretty Tulip is Finola, a double flower  growing to 16-18 ” high.


These white Tulips are amazing and I might just have to order some for my front garden. If only I had remembered to mark down the name of them.


The display garden has this lovely windmill in the center which is a favourite backdrop for family pictures.


Okay, out of all the flowers I saw at Roozengaarde, this combination was my favourite. Mixing the blue Muscari with the tulips just makes this garden pop. You could recreate this in your garden,however small it may be.

There were rivers of colour planted along the back of the garden.


Cute condo birdhouses sat above the Tulips.

I think what I liked about this combination planting is the way the red tinges of the yellow Tulip make this work.


People come from all over to see the Tulips so expect it to be busy. What is nice is that the garden has a food court to serve you or you can bring a picnic lunch and enjoy your lunch in the garden. It cost us $5 to park and that included admission. What a great price!

For more information on Roozengaarde, check out the link here. They are open year round.



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