Making Memory Ladybug Rocks

Do you garden with children or work at a school? This is a fun project to do with  children. I am always looking for a rainy day project and since I love gardening, this is perfect. Last year we made memory ladybug rocks with the students in a grade one class. This year I hope to do it with my grade three school garden class.

To start, you have to collect some flat rocks. You can either collect them from around the garden or buy them at your local garden center. If you need a lot for a class project , it may be easier to see if the local garden center will donate them.

ladybug rocks

I painted my rock with two coats of red acrylic paint and let it dry. I love the shape of this rock, its perfect for a ladybug.


Okay, honesty here, I am not the best artist and didn’t want to just freehand paint so I used a pencil to draw a pattern to paint. If you look down at my last photo you will see I copied a design from there.


Now that the red paint is dry, my design is ready to be painted. I added the black spots and painted the face.

Next I added the white eyes. They are kind of funny looking, maybe not my best art, that’s for sure. They remind of googly eyes. Once the white paint was dry I added the pupils by just carefully dotting a drop of black paint.

I used a permanent marker to write a child’s name on the bottom of the rock and added the date. What I hope to do with the ladybug rocks is have the children make one of their own and place them in the school garden. Then for years to come they can visit the garden and look for their own special rock.

ladybug rock

My last step was to clear coat the lady bug rock to protect it from the weather. Now its ready for a home in the garden. Have your children place them under a shrub or perennial plant or in a special garden that they call their own.


Above are samples that the children made for the volunteers at the end of June. I love all of them! What am I painting next? Maybe a yellow one.

5 thoughts on “Making Memory Ladybug Rocks

  1. Love love these …can’t wait to do them tomorrow with my grand daugher…she is 4 ..5 in June…and I babysit her always looking for things like this to do…just 1 thing,when you said clear coat them at the end,just what did you use….thank you for this idea

  2. We found a batch of yellow eggs on the lettuce we picked for a school salad. We placed them in a jar and were waiting for caterpillars to hatch out. Instead we now have voracious ladybug larva. This craft will go great with all the ladybug lessons planed. Thank you.

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