Making a Game Center for the Community Garden

garden seating

At most community gardens there are always children about. They love to garden with their parents but some just like to run around. If you have been to the Ladner Community Garden you know we have a large seating area for the school garden. This is where the children sit for a class. We also have extra stumps that are not being used. Awhile back I saw a cute idea on Pinterest. Someone had painted a checkers game board on a tree stump. What a great idea!


So this week I have been trying to get my game on. I dragged my paints out of hiding and decided to allot some time to work on this new project. I like to paint. I am not that good at it but I gave it a whirl. I think what got me going was when I found some checkers at the local thrift shop. I was so excited! Now the project had to go ahead. First I had to find the perfect stump. It had to be wide enough for the game and I wanted one with a smooth surface. The one above was perfect!

drawing the game board

Well. I took a permanent marker and ruler to the garden and started measuring. Okay the first time I was off. The stump wasn’t quite wide enough where I drew the first lines. Luckily I was painting over the lines so it didn’t matter. I made the board game 30cm ¬†wide.Then I just divided it into sections, first in half and then quarters and then eighths. In a checkerboard game there are 64 squares so the board is 8×8 which was easy to do. Okay, no one tells you when you see these great ideas that drawing a straight line on a tree stump isn’t always that easy. The grain of the wood can catch the pen and whoops, your line is crooked. Luckily the paint covers any mistakes.

checkers game board on stump

Painting the first coat took about an hour but the second went on much faster.

checker game board on stump


Now all I have left to do is give it a clear coat to protect it from the weather. I will be placing the games pieces in a  small container in our garden shed so members can play when they want. Now that I am almost finished this board, I cant wait to start on a couple more games. I think having a game center in the garden is a great idea and can be used by the whole community. This will be lots of fun when we hold special events in the garden.

5 thoughts on “Making a Game Center for the Community Garden

  1. Please can you tell me what paint to use on the top of a tree stump as I want to do something like this with some kids on a project I am working on. How do you protect the designs from the weather.

    1. I used acrylic paints for the project and then I coated the whole game board with a clear coat of Duraclear polyurethane gloss varnish. Have fun painting! The children who visit the garden love to play the game.

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