Friday Flaunt- Friends and Flowers

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Laura Thomas and Stephanie Rose

This week I had the pleasure of the company of two friends at the Milner Garden Party. We had often chatted online and met once or twice so it was nice to get together and share a day of gardening fun. I met up with Laura Thomas aka The Dandelion Wrangler and Stephanie Rose from Garden Therapy. They are two wonderful bloggers and write about gardening and crafting and many other things. So today being what we twitter peeps call #followfriday, I felt it was time for everyone to get to know these special people.

The Little White House explains fashion trends

We enjoyed the day listening to garden presentations and looking at everything from plants to garden decor at the nursery. You could tell who we were from the cameras in tow.

Camilla 'Donation;
Camilla ‘Donation’

Friends are like flowers, they always make you smile. Today as I walked the garden, I stopped to take a photo of my favourite Camellia. It’s just loaded with flowers this year.

Jake, my garden helper

My cat, Jake, follows me everywhere in the garden. He spends his days keeping the mice at bay, thank goodness, and laying in the sun. Today all he wanted to do was use my arbor as a scratching post. Well, it’s either that or the Potentilla. Not sure why he likes Potentilla so much. Cats are funny creatures.


I inspected the Tulip bed as yesterday they were growing in a large puddle after the rain storm we had. It’s all dried up today and they look just fine.

Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’

Okay, someone always asks me what my favourite plant is but each month it changes. This month it has to be the Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’. I love any kind of blue flowers in the garden.

Magnolia stellata

The Magnolias are in full bloom and I thought I better get a photo before they finish. The rain knocked a lot of flowers from our pink Magnolia leaving a mess in the driveway. If I had any advice, never plant Magnolias near a driveway. The seed heads stain the driveway if not cleaned up immediately. It’s a wonderful tree, just messy.

Well that’s it for today. I will be linking up with Tootsie Time and hoping she doesn’t cry when she sees all these spring flowers. Did you know she still has three feet of snow? Brrrrr is all I can say. I love my west coast living where the summers are cool and the winters are mild.

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