Friday’s Flowers

I am so glad its Friday. It’s already been a busy morning receiving lumber for a work party at the community garden.Tomorrow we hope it won’t rain so we can get our building party underway. Now that I am home I took a walk through the garden and guess what, it’s not raining. It is very mucky out there. The pineapple express has brought us lots and lots of rain. That has meant that it been almost impossible to get out in the garden. Good thing I have a greenhouse to tinker in.


Today I am  linking up with Glenda over at Tootsie Time. Glenda has a gorgeous post on orchids that she saw at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. You have to check out her post.


I love my Hellebores but dislike the fact that they hang their faces down. Lots of flowers but I can’t bend over to see their faces.


The buds of another Rhododendron are about to open. A sign that spring is close.


The Primula are all opening this week. I must remember to divide them in August as they are way too big.




I love the Heather or Erica. They are lovely fall and spring blooming plants remaining evergreen all year round. They make a nice companion plant with spring bulbs. Their tiny pendulous flowers attract bees to the garden.

Miniature Narcissus grace the path leading up to my front door. I like that they bloom before the taller varieties. Everything is leafing out in the garden. The hybrid tea roses have been pruned but I still have oodles of cleaning up to do. Well I am off to enjoy the sun and get into the greenhouse. I am getting ready to pot up tomato seedlings. Yes, the tomatoes are on their way and I can’t wait for the greek salads of summer.


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  1. I started just sticking the camera up under things or up close where I can’t see and moving it slightly different every time I click. Out of several, there’s bound to be a good one. Point and shoot has evolved to ‘general direction and click like crazy.”

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