Three Season Container Garden

I have been looking back at last years garden photos and planning what I might grow this year. It’s always fun to dream about summer, isn’t it? I mean, warm afternoons, bare feet in the grass and cool drinks on the patio, whats not to like? ¬†Oh yes, flowers too.

Summer combo

Looking back at my container plantings, I like this one full of peach and black coloured Petunias, annual Geraniums, Cordyline and Sedum angelina. As you can see the peach Petunias grew outstandingly well dwarfing everything else. I must say this container bloomed until late fall when the Petunias started looking ugly from the heavy dew each day. It was time for them to go. I pulled them out leaving the Cordyline , annual Geraniums and Sedum angelina. Now maybe they would have a chance to grow. I never did have any flowers on the Geraniums but I had bought them for their foliage, not their flowers. The Cordyline finally doubled in height.

winter container

Winter arrived and I didn’t get outside a lot except to add some greenery to the container. I had added a few Pansies to this container in late fall. The greenery added as protection for the Pansies and Cordyline and looked nice when a light snow frosted the leaves.


Now that February is here it was time to remove all the evergreens and see how the container had fared. We only had some light frosts this winter so I was hopeful. As you can see the Cordyline has done well surviving our ugly wet winter and the Pansies are still fine. Hubby had brought home three Primula for me so I added them to the container yesterday.It doesn’t look like much now but with spring just around the corner it should do just fine.


I love the Primula in the garden at this time of year. Here they are the first flowers available in the garden centers to give you a shot of colour for the garden. Why not bring a little early colour home to enjoy?

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