Fertilizer Friday-Its Looking Like Spring

Its beginning to look like spring is here on the west coast of British Columbia. I am finally walking and I can actually get out in the garden to see whats in bloom. I am still taking shaky photos. I hope that improves as my legs regain their strength.


I was very surprised to see the first Rhododendron showing some colour. It won’t be long before the blooms are fully open. We just need a bit of sunshine instead of all this rain. I love the Rhododendrons for their year round colour. They bloom from late February to July and are evergreen all winter. They provide the bones in this shade garden of mine.


The Primula are continuing to bloom and there are many more to come. The rain isn’t very kind to them spotting their petals before they can really shine. They also have a long bloom time when you plant different types. Hubby was very excited to see some Primula japonica in the latest Gardens West magazine and asked me if we could have some. Whoopee! A┬álicence to go plant shopping!


The miniature Narcissus are just about to open. They usually bloom in the first week of March so we will see if they are on time this year. These are planted in a sunny protected location so they always bloom first.


What would a garden be without Crocuses? They just continue to come back year after year adding beauty to the garden. They are loved by bees on sunny days. Lets hope we see some sun at least one day this week. Today I am linking with Tootsie Time who will be so jealous when she sees my flowers. One thing though, she has way more flowers growing in her greenhouse than I do. I just can’t grow annuals like she can. Check out her photos from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. You will be inspired to get planting.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope your gardens are bursting forth with signs of spring like mine.

Happy gardening!

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