Emerald Green – The New Colour for 2013


Okay when I read the colour of the year was emerald, I thought , okay, hmmm….. well gardens are green.  All things considered I like every colour in the garden and plant whatever I want. Not much of a fad person here. I thought about some of the plants that look like gems in the garden and came up with a few favourites and guess what, they are green.

ladys mantle

How about Alchemilla mollis or Lady’s Mantle. It has what I think are the most beautiful leaves after a rain. I mean how can you resist the look diamonds on your plants? Yes, they aren’t emeralds but I won’t complain. I will take any kind of diamonds.

ladys mantle

Lady’s Mantle also has these beautiful green flowers in summer. They are wonderful as a filler with a bouquet of flowers.


How about planting Hellebores for their green flowers? I have a huge grouping of these in my back garden.


You don’t have to have only have green flowers in the garden. What about all the wonderful greens of foliage? Sure they aren’t a deep emerald-green but that really doesn’t matter. It’s what you do with those green plants. I like to marry them beside something to contrast them. In the above photo, the Hosta is next to Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ with its heart-shaped green and white leaves.


One of my favourite combinations is to blend burgundy or wine coloured plants with green. Above is a Cotinus with its dark leaves paired with a simple blue hydrangea.


Maybe you would like to plant something with two different shades of green like in this Hosta above.


Or why not combine Heuchera with plants with lime coloured foliage like this Weigela?


I love the chartreuse colour of Weigela with its red stems.So you don’t have to have just emerald-green plants in the garden. I can’t imagine how boring that could be. It’s about the combinations and the way they look together using  different foliage types. Will I go out and buy new plants for the garden? Not a chance, I already have them.

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