Loving Ladner’s Fall Glory

There is nothing better than a sunny fall day. With all our rainfall its sometimes hard to get out and about to enjoy the activities we love to do. So when I saw the sun this morning I couldn’t wait to get outside. I made a trip over by our municipal hall only to be taken aback by the beauty of the plantings nearby.

These trees line the area next to the parking lot. Aren’t they stunning? I love the fallen leaves scattered everywhere.

I ventured down the path towards the pond in the park next door. This is such an idyllic setting with the ducks all curled up having a morning snooze. There is a path all the way around the pond for walkers to take in the view.

This is a wonderful place to spend a few minutes between chores. I was glad I took the time out of a busy day to reflect on the beauty of what we have right here in our small town. It doesn’t get better than this, now does it?

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