Leafy Moments in My Garden

When I woke up this morning I couldn’t help but notice all the different colours of the leaves outside my bedroom window. Our yard is full of trees and at this time of year, it can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of leaf fall. It’s common for us to have 50 bags of leaves waiting at curbside for the green pickup. Why don’t I compost them, you say? Well, we actually do but would need a hundred composters to receive the amount of leaves we rake up.

The large Beech in the neighbour’s yard is standing bare already. I love the structure that large trees give to the garden. They look so majestic.

This is my front yard this morning and it will stay like this until the rain stops. This is only two days of leaf fall. The oak tree is still clinging tightly to its last leaves. There are days when I wish we could shake them all down.

This year we will be leaving the leaves on the flower gardens to add as a mulch. There is certainly enough to spread around. Yesterday when the furnace repair man came by, he looked at me and said he would never complain about raking leaves after seeing our huge yard.

Although the leaves are a lot of work to manage, the colours are amazing. This Cornus kousa is a brilliant shade of  reddish-orange next to the Physocarpus or Ninebark. The old shrub roses in behind have turned a lovely yellow and are producing hips.

It’s a good thing the evergreens will add colour throughout the winter. I love my evergreens as they are the bones of the garden and give it structure when the other plants are dormant.

This is looking north over the other side of our half-acre. As you can see we don’t lack for trees here. As the garden goes to sleep, I anxiously await the first signs of spring. Luckily our winters are short with signs of spring appearing in February. For now, its time to relax and dream about spring.

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