31 Days of Gardening With Children-Day 13

There is nothing better than planning for spring. This lesson will have the children understand just how long a plant can take to bloom.Todays lesson is planting spring bulbs. Planting spring bulbs is so much fun and is usually done before the ground freezes. Choose from spring bulbs such as Crocuses, Daffodils and Tulips for the children to plant. You want to make sure they will be blooming when theĀ children come to the garden. It’s no sense planting something that will bloom in January as chances are it will be too cold outside to garden. Here in British Columbia, Crocuses bloom in February and are usually the first flower we see in the garden. Have the children get into groups to do the planting. Because your school garden is used for growing vegetables you may want to plant spring bulbs in containers. I like to use five gallon black nursery pots as they overwinter well. If you are worried about losing your bulbs to a hard winter, dig the pots into the ground to provide insulation or cover them with a blanket of leaves.Use a well draining soil for your container planting. If you are able to have a small flower garden, the bulbs can be planted in the ground for spring blooms.

Have each group of children plant one large container. One could be planting Tulips, the other Daffodils and another Crocuses .Try to have enough bulbs on hand that each child can plant one of each. Don’t forget to let the children fill the pots with soil as they go along. Each bulb is usually planted three times its size deep. So if the bulb is about an inch in size, then plant it three inches deep.You will end up with lots of spring colour by the time you are done. In the spring, the containers can be moved around to highlight the blooms and to be used for a lesson in seasonal changes. In early spring when the garden is just waking up, send the children out to do their observation time. They will be so excited to announce that they have seen the first flower.

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