Fertilizer Friday-Loving Colchicum!

I can’t believe another month is almost over. It’s still like summer here. The mornings are cool and a bit foggy but we have had lots of sunshine and warmth throughout the day. Hubby and I cleaned up the greenhouse, removed some annuals from the garden and we are preparing for winter. I hate to admit it’s coming, but it is. The Echeveria will come into the greenhouse this weekend along with some annuals I want to overwinter. My seed boxes are lined up and ready for another season of greenhouse growing. Hubby is encouraging me to grow and sell plants. I love propagation!

I bought this Tovara at a plant sale many years ago. I loved the foliage and had to have it. It was new to me but now I have lots of this great plant. Above it is shown with its tiny red flowers that bloom in late summer. I like to cut most of the these flowers off before they go to seed. This plant is a self sower and you will have many of these if left to go to seed. They are easy to remove if unwanted. What I liked about this plant is it will grow in dry shade, yes, dry shade. It prefers a spot in dappled shade so its foliage can really stand out.

The pink Rose above is a treasured plant that I was able to take cuttings from in my mom’s garden. She received cuttings from a friend and it has moved from home to home. This hybrid performs like no other with non stop blooms all summer long and well into September. I have it in full sun by my front window where I can enjoy its beauty.

The Dahlias are the best of the late summer flowers. They just keep on blooming. In the next few weeks I will lift the tubers and store them in the garage over winter. It’s just too wet here in winter for them to survive.

The Hydrangea are almost finished. Going from the deep blues to this green tinged with purple. You have to love this hardy shrub for its many colour changes as it progresses through the seasons.

Colchicum is stealing my heart this week. I have been anxiously waiting for this fall crocus to open. It heralds the beginning of autumn with this splendid shock of purple. The bees love having this plant to nuzzle into.

So do you remember how hubby was working on a new project a couple of months ago? We had taken down an old shed a couple of years ago but the base looked too good to trash so we kept it. Hubby decided that instead of fighting our nightmare horsetail garden he was going to cover it. He laid down this super expensive fabric over our worst area of the garden after removing some plant material. Then he and a few friends lifted the base over to the garden.

This is what it looks like today. He has trimmed the uneven edge of the deck and added a trim around the outside. Now he is playing with pavers and bricks to work out a pattern that is pleasing to the eye. I sure hope this keeps the horsetail at bay next year. I think the interlocking terra-cotta bricks will come out of hiding. Yes, we have a stockpile of bricks and now we have a use for them.

Well, that’s it for my Friday flaunt. I am linking with TootsieTime today to share our Friday blooms.

Happy gardening!

3 thoughts on “Fertilizer Friday-Loving Colchicum!

  1. Pretty stuff. How nice to have a hubby to do things you love with:). LOVE you tovara. Haven’t ever seen that color leaf before, and what neat red stems. I have a sterile purple leaf dragon wing fleeceflower and it is one of my favs. It couldn’t handle dry shade tho…

  2. Your fall garden is looking lovely. I love your persicaria/tovaria. I need this one. I have a purple one which I love. I planted colchicums two years ago and did not see them at all last year. This spring, up they came and now I have some lovely purple flowers. Hope you are having a great week.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

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