How to Grow Onion Sets

Planting onion sets is an easy project to do with children the bulbs are easy to handle and a guaranteed success in the garden.

I was working in my garden last week and noticed that I have more onion sets than I need so it was time to dig them up and share them. If you look closely you will see new green growth emerging from the top of the bulb.

I saved a few onion sets for myself and replanted them in my garden. So what do onion sets give you? They bring you green onions just like you buy at the grocery store. You can walk out to the garden, clip what you need for your meal and they keep on growing.
You can purchase onion sets at most garden centers. Plant them so their necks are just below soil level. Make sure you have a well drained soil in full sun. I always add a bit of compost to my soil and prepare the bed before planting.
Onion sets can go in the ground in March when the ground can be worked. I like to plant the bulbs two inches apart. You can plant onion sets from March 1- April 30 here in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Cultivate lightly as onions have shallow root systems.
In the fall they will go yellow and you can hold off on watering them a bit. In the fall you can lift the onions and use them or store them in a cool dry place.

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